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Rainbow Dash Between rock and a hard place.


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EEEEEEEE This is incredible! The lighting is just perfect, and the sky, and Dashie of course, and the rocks...


Just everything. The whole picture is marvelous.


I agree with 3p1... It certainly belongs on EQD.


Fabulous job, as always ^^

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Me thinks I am going to like it on this forum ^-^

I like the way the warm background colors make cool-colored (20% cooler, to be exact) Rainbow Dash stand out. I love the shading, it's realistic and cartoon-y at the same time. The dark colored rocks really bring out Dashie's mane. Very, very good :3

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I've got a new desktop background. :D


This is stunning work, Pencils. I know you've heard this a lot on this particular thread, but it's true. I love your gritty take on Ghastly Gorge, as it really helps to capture Rainbow Dash's desperation as she lay there with the tip of her wing trapped under the rock; as well as your choice of colour palette. There's a very pleasant painterly effect (this is a digital piece, right?), and the wonderful shading makes it all complete.

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