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  1. I kinda miss those custom VSH servers in TF2 that had MLP themed bosses, also the endless number of MLP servers, also all the great MLP music the fandom made back in the day.
  2. Not Annie

    LGBT Chatroom

    recently discovered something p interesting about myself i think i'm actually probably genderfluid, and i'm going by he/they pronouns atm also going by the name riley from here on out
  3. i'll probably never stop loving fim i'll also never label myself as a brony, "mlp fan" works just fine thanks
  4. Not Annie

    Movies/TV Shows you like better than MLP

    Avatar (both TLA and TLOK), She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, Steven Universe & Future
  5. Payday Fallout She-Ra and the Princesses of Power Steven Universe Avatar/Korra Maybe a few others that aren't quite coming to mind. Oh, yeah, and I'm a furry, that's probably the biggest one.
  6. Not Annie

    Mega Thread Metal Thread

    posting another BiB gem
  7. I wouldn't say I hate her but she's certainly my least favorite between the main cast. Just way too grating, honestly.
  8. Not Annie

    Mega Thread Metal Thread

    Great taste. Yannis is a phenomenal vocalist, one of my favorites.
  9. Not Annie

    Mega Thread Last Movie You Watched?

    Luca, and I gotta say, probably the first Pixar movie in a WHILE that had the same charm older Pixar films like Wall-E and Up did.
  10. "Horrible people" what is with this wording? Unless you're watching snuff films there aren't really any genres that make you a horrible person for enjoying. And no, romance movies aren't bad. You're allowed to not like them but don't act like Twilight is representative of the entire genre and don't act like Titanic is just a terrible film. Also like, maybe watch something else like Casablanca or Brokeback Mountain. Some of the greatest stories ever told were romances.
  11. lol....... wild how this thread got revived not long before this video dropped
  12. Don't have one and I don't have good experiences with people who do have one.
  13. Replaying all of the Metroid titles in chronological order to get ready for the release of Dread.
  14. Not Annie

    Gaming Is the MMORPG genre dying?

    The MMORPG genre will probably never die unless online gaming itself dies. Like, the fact that WoW and OSRS are still as massive as they are and have been around for 15 and 20 years respectively is kind of a testament to how much staying power the genre has. There will ALWAYS be a market for grindy achievement-oriented online games and especially ones with a huge social aspect and RPG elements.
  15. Not Annie

    Web Youtubers you hate

    Lily would be tolerable if at the very least she wasn't completely uncompromising. Like I can agree with some of her takes but when you're immediately dismissive of any show that doesn't meet your exact expectations, you're not doing a very great job as a critic. IIRC she criticized She-Ra's ending for "pandering to abuse fetishists", which is insane to me. Like is anyone who enjoyed the ending just an abuse fetishist to her?
  16. Steven Universe is way better than I expected.

    1. Splashee


      5 seasons are good! The movie is absolutely great! The future series is also good.

      I have watched the movie way too many times. It is spoiling the main series way too much though.

    2. Not Annie

      Not Annie

      About to finish 5 and move on to the movie, really excited for it!

  17. Not Annie

    Mega Thread Why you chose your user name.

    probably on account of it being my actual name
  18. Almost always, less so nowadays since I sold my car but I do like to spend a lot of time on radio.garden listening to radio from around the world. Japanese radio especially, exposure is a great way to learn a language and they play some real bangers over in Osaka.
  19. I get not liking Flim and Flam but the handful of episodes they're in are honestly pretty great. Well, the ones I've seen anyway, I've only watched up to partway thru season 8. My personal least favorite is Pinkie Pie, just because of the sheer amount of exposure time. She has her occasional great episode but her presence just gives me a headache more often than not.
  20. Harry Potter has no relation with the questionable nature of J.K.'s recent Twitter crusades, no. They're great books, I grew up on them and still love them for all their flaws, and it is possible to enjoy them keeping in mind the author is a trashcan.
  21. You can't have a game based in a rural American setting without the rural American culture or personality. There's a handful of really groanworthy bits where it's really overdone but otherwise I feel like the game captures the cult-like aesthetic of rural American reactionary Christianity quite well, not to mention the antagonists are some of the best in the series IMO. IMO FC5's big problem is that PEG is otherwise just incredibly boring. There's zero ideology to it other than "world's going to end, better stock up on guns and get high on datura". There was a huge narrative opportunity t
  22. imagine basing your interests off of societal gender norms couldn't be me
  23. The PNW is the wettest region in the continent as far as I'm aware, hence why I have my sights set on there. Cool and wet is my ideal climate. I'm a Texan originally and there was a lot of rainfall back where I used to live, I enjoyed it a lot more than where I live now in spite of the heat.
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