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  1. Steven Universe. I can see the appeal. It's a fun and cute show. But I find it boring. It doesn't have the deep emotional background that shows like Avatar gave me. Personal opinion, I guess.
  2. You are 40% Fascist, which makes you a Fascist Fellow-Traveler. Interesting. My views on certain issues (Namely, my opinions of the rich who refuse to give to those less fortunate out of some form of self worth or "They're not worth my money") are rather... controversial, in such a way that facist wouldn't fit my views at all. Little surprised I got 40% (i.e. I was expecting 20% or lower), but it would appear 23% is the lowest I've seen, so there is a potential bias there. As a quick side note:
  3. I've been so happy since watching the episode. It's told me so much and it's allowed me to do so much more with my OC (Half Changeling) that's it's just been great. Not only big things like "Ponies aren't a limitation" - we've now seen a changeling turn into a dragon and even a rock but even little things like the flames can be different colors, and, like ponies, seems to be directly linked to eye color. In addition, it proves that changelings understand english, and have the free will enough to go against the hive. We also see that in changeling behaviour that changelings can have a preferred change, as seen by Thorax displaying the same pony to both Spike and Twilight upon first meeting each other. They can also willingly change their voice (They could mimic the mane 6's voices) or not (Thorax maintained a voice in both changeling and... Crystal Hoof form, I guess.) Love is also seen as an uncrontollable thing for Changelings. They don't have any control over a large amount of love, as seen as his forced reversion into changeling form when he sensed the huge surge of magic from Flurry Heart. I'm hoping we see more of Thorax (I'm praying they don't make him evil later on, because that'd annoy me greatly). He's been a fun character and has 100% showed us so much more about changelings. I can't wait to expand on my OC's story based on what I've learned from this episode. We can also theorize that Changelings could feed off of each other, but can't due to their inherent anger towards each other, and in general. I'm a little sad Lily Peet won't be reviewing this episode (Contains Starlight Glimmer, long story) because she seemed rather excited for a changeling return back when Rainbow Rocks came out. Unrelated to Throax: Spike musical number woo TLDR: Loved the episode.
  4. Not feature Starlight Glimmer. I already have one of Twilights lackie- I mean... apprentices in Sunset Shimmer. I don't need this one ruining a movie with her alicorn-matching magic. I'd like this to be one with the Mane 6. No extra 7th pony joining in. I also wouldn't like it to be 100% geared to us bronies. I'd like lore and info on the world a bit more, sure, but we aren't their target market. I also don't want them to use the movie to round off Generation 4. But that's a given.
  6. 400,697 (Got Ninja'd. Damn.) Wow, this really has come a long way. 400k posts and 20k pages. What will happen when we reach 1 million? Conspirators - AWAY!
  7. Time to work out how close my Half-Changeling headcanon was to the real thing. Oh, and pegasus stuff too. And... unicorn stuff if that works. And... okay I have a lot of stuff to do that involves green flames and magic.
  8. Twilight. I'd have to lay the ground rules of no magic on me or any other humans (Because I really like my life and don't need to be experimented on) and she can make notes on humans and... I don't know... put them in a library somewhere. Unless you count Twilight as a Princess (which you probably should tbf...) in which case I'd take Sunset Shimmer, she's someone I like and would enjoy spending time with.
  9. Mavis because (Very Minor Spoilers ahead, literally me naming the location of a story arc, but I don't want to take any chances.)
  10. No, I don't. She's still the same adorable Twily I know and love, wings or no. As far as I'm concerned, very little has changed. Also, without her alicornism, we probably wouldn't have her fight with Tirek play out the same way. And that was the best fight scene in a kids show... ever.
  11. Action-Oriented, Proficient, Driven, Social, Immersed, and Creative. I'd say that's pretty accurate. I like pretty much everything in a lot of games. The only one I wouldn't agree with is Social, I like sticking to either myself or a few friends.
  12. I wouldn't say she's a changeling, due to her unknown knowledge and powers are a little to on-point to be explained by changeling magic (Unless we go into headcanon territory, and oh god plz no) Not to mention her changing her body has no green flame to it. Remember, every changeling transformation, small or large, has the green flame envelop them, but with Pinkie it's either just there or off-camera. So those body deformities seem more like a cool party trick thing rather than changeling magic.
  13. I see this ending in one of three ways. 1. I'd sleep through it. No, seriously, you'd be surprised how amazing I am at sleeping. It's a life skill. 2. I'd party. Duh. If you can't beat em, join em. 3. I'd count the seconds until some government organisation scoops me up and questions me as to how I got ahold of a bus full of talking pink horses. And then get thrown in an insane asylum.
  14. The only TV show I watch on a regular basis is MLP. So I'll have to go with that. In my opinion, Spitfire is a dissapointment. She's shown on multiple occasions to be incompetent (See: Rainbow Falls and Rarity Investigates (She didn't question and see how her mother was before going to get the cure. Or check a hospital. Or tell anyone where she was going. Or tell her mother where she was going. Wow, she really forgot to cover her bases there.) ) and conniving (See: Her treatment of Soarin in Rainbow Falls). Why the writers created her this way I don't know, as the captain of the Wonderbolts she had so much potential. Sad to see it squandered.
  15. Wow, I really haven't posted here in a while. Seriously, it's been 8 months! Time to be a little more involved again I guess.