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  1. Birb watching???at least you can watch some colorful birbs for free right???
  2. I been playing with a ouija board for 2 years now,and I already made a'lot of spirit friends xD the only different between living ones is that they are from different timelines like 1800's to today x3

    1. SolarFlare13
    2. Silent


      How were the bad ones filtered out lol.

    3. Princess Moony

      Princess Moony

      Lets just say the gods visited to me o-o

  3. looks like that my parents are thinking about selling the house leaving me homeless just to pay back the bank,cause they are afraid that they can't pay them back one day .___.

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    2. Totally Nyx

      Totally Nyx

      I don't think I can help on that front. My living situation might be changing in a month or so. I'm not sure there's much I can do aside from offer prayers (which I'll do).

    3. Prospekt


      Oh no! :( Awww, I wish I could help, I can't imagine I'm living nearby but even then my living situation wouldn't allow it. And I don't know anyone who's currently looking for a roommate either :sunny:

      I hope everything goes well *hugs*

    4. Princess Moony

      Princess Moony

      I don't even know what to do anymore ._.

  4. Thinking on how the heck do I earn more subs for my youtube!
  5. Apple cause I have a ipod touch and a ipadI'm thinking on getting a ipad pro next in the future
  6. I like BBQ ones and also cause I been having them ever since I was little
  7. I used to have one but it brokebut there always cold winds blowing through my window so that's no big deal if it broke anyway
  8. A bit too much to my parents cause if I tell the truth to them,then they get madbut then again,if they find out that I lied to them they still get mad at me
  9. I touched the metal rods in a bug zapper by accident once while trying to zap a mosquito x-x and the other time I got zap again by touching the insides of a tv cable x-x
  10. Close so no mosquitoes can come in buzzing at me!
  11. I'm just wondering on do you take sig requests? ^^;;

    1. Kyoshi


      Yeah. What were you wanting?

  12. A couple of my birth certificateand they are like $25 each!cause I lost my old ones and also my parents wanted to see them!
  13. I used to think that I wanted to move to that country,but I'm getting old now (even tho I'm only 28) I started to think that I wouldn't able to learn their language cause of my age >~> oh well,I can always dream about it that's all now.
  14. I just tried getting one in McDonalds,but they canceled my interview with them since they had install those food ordering kiosk machine >~> is pretty hard to get jobs in SF since is bascially tech jobs hiring only
  15. Anything sour in it is good enough for me!
  16. They are like redneck butterflies to me >.>
  17. I used to be competitive until one day I listened to a creepypasta,now I don't even care anymore