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    Caring for animals, World of Darkness tabletop role playing games, reading fantasy novels, sculpting, drawing/painting/digital artwork, World of Warcraft, goth chic fashion, heavy metal music (Avenged Sevenfold <3), running, surfing, yoga, socialising (offline and online), MLP (ofc), some board games, Magic: the Gathering, being outside in general. I think that is everything. c:

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  1. Neon Proxy

    Gaming Pokemon Sun and Moon Confirmed

    I'm so excited for this game, I've played since Red and Blue and will continue to play Has anyone seen the Pokemon Go augmented reality trailer? It will be incredible for Pokémon fans if they can pull it off
  2. Neon Proxy

    Any Tea Drinkers? If so what is your favorite?

    I have about 5-6 cups of tea a day XD my favourite being Twinings Breakfast tea because I'm boring and rather British
  3. Drinking tea and I'm still drinking tea >.>
  4. Neon Proxy

    Why The Member Above You Is Awesome

    One of the friendliest people I have met on the forum
  5. Neon Proxy

    Kill the User Above with the item to your left.

    That. Is. Awesome. \o/ A bowl of fruit
  6. Neon Proxy

    T.P.A.M. (The Pony After Me...)

    Nope >.< TPAM likes mint flavoured things?
  7. Neon Proxy

    Have you?

    Nope. Have you ever cosplayed?
  8. Neon Proxy

    Mega Thread Answer the question above you.

    Light and airy with a subtle romantic fairytale/woodland theme. ^^ Favourite dessert?
  9. Neon Proxy

    What is the reputation of the user above you?

    For being a moderator (sorry I don't know much else about you >.< )
  10. Neon Proxy

    Something You Love That Starts With a Certain Letter

    Scented candles. I
  11. Neon Proxy

    T.P.A.M. (The Pony After Me...)

    It's ok, I studied Astrophysics so had to use it from time to time x) TPAM likes cupcakes?
  12. Neon Proxy

    Kill the User Above with the item to your left.

    Now it's my biscuit jar ;_; I don't want to lose my biscuits!