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  1. Definitely fluttershy. Im also really shy and love animals. I've always wanted to work in a Animal Shelter and help animals that need it. ^~^
  2. Ello Ello! welcome to my non pony artwork, where I'm going to probably post some sketches of my OC's that are in work and of random stuff or finished drawings of random things and OC's. First I just made a random sketch of a Mermaid to be honest. Nothing special. I also had to hide her hand because I kind gave up drawing it before I was going to rip the paper because of all the erasing. ^-^" Next a sketch that I made when I was thinking of Ideas of Oc's and I really like it .her hair doesn't really make sense because I didnt put the ponytail high enough. I saw that after I was finished
  3. I tried for the first time to draw/paint with watercolor pencils its not really the best drawing I have made but I still like it. One of the things that is bothering me is that I couldnt get some of the colors right but its not really that big of a deal. Also I should have put Rainbows ear a bit further back. Otherwise im happy with it ^·^ Also im sorry if it's to small or something. I will post it sideways in the spoiler just so it's bigger
  4. Hey @MiragetheChangeling your Profilepic is absolutely adorable. Im sure you will have a good time here. A warm welcome from me ^-^
  5. Alpakachii


    Hey @Pink Feather. Im sure you will love it here. A warm welcome from me ^-^
  6. Thanks @Kafooku It took me quit a while to get it right ^~^
  7. Hey @The Silver Cheese hope you will have a great time here. A warm welcome from me ^-^
  8. Alpakachii

    Hello to all

    Hey @ALoneSomeStranger. Hope you will have a great time here ^-^
  9. @Sherem It looks really great the first and second one have good anatomy and fluid lines. You really nailed Ruby's costume and Scythe. I also like how you did twilights hair. And in the first one your characters mane and tail style fit them very well and the colors are nice too. It's overall really good ^-^.
  10. Hey @Sherem I'm sure you will love it here. As a fellow Artist I'm already excited to see your art. A warm welcome from me ^~^
  11. Alpakachii

    Hey-o there.

    Hey @Tommyspud I hope you will have a wonderfull time here with us. A warm welcome from me ^-^
  12. Alpakachii

    Mega Thread Song Stuck in your Head Right Now

    Chaos by I Prevail. Love that song ^~^
  13. Im exactly the same. It's really weird for me to see the face behind the voice and also a bit immersion breaking. I try to avoid any pictures or videos where those voice actors might be in. So nope you're not weird....or we both are weird. One of those two is right. ^~^
  14. For me it's Fluttershy I really like her mane and her tail. It might not be the most unique but I still like it the most ^-^
  15. Alpakachii

    General The "I admit it" Thread

    I don't want to seem that I just want pitty from people or that im lying. Im also sorry about the long post. I admit that I really really miss my brother. He moved out and now lives with his girlfriend and her family and I often find myself in his room just crying by myself. Although we aren't really all love and huggs with each other I still find myself missing him alot since he was a giant part of me growing up. He told me what were bad words and how I should behave and he always played at home with me plus he got me into video games at a young age and always defended me from bullys. He
  16. Hey @_Moonlight_ hope you will have a wonderful time here and enjoy yourself. A warm welcome from me. :3
  17. Alpakachii

    Hello Everypony

    Hey @Rhythm Red. Welcome to the forums. I always wanted to play an instrument, but im just as happy with my art. Have you thought about sharing your music with us? I would be curious to hear you play :3. Anyways Have a warm welcome from me ^-^
  18. My main OC's little brother (Feather Fall). I totally fell in love with his design. Im really happy with it ^~^. The second one is just a quick full body sketch (I made the wing transparent just so you can see his tail and Cutiemark. His cutiemark are two feathers) Next I made my OC's Mom (Star Gazer) wich I also really like. But I don't have a Cutiemark for her yet. I made her an Astronomer. Thats also why my OC's name is Stardust. And another quick full body sketch ^·^ I still need to design her Dad but Im pretty happy so far with those two. An
  19. Alpakachii

    Hi everypony

    @jinglecam I can understand the frustration with other teens since im still one as well. And I also went through a tough time during school, to say the least. But I hope that at least we can help you a bit to go through it. Stay strong, and a warm welcome from me ^~^
  20. Aww your style is really cute I like it. But anyways a warm welcome (back) from me ^^
  21. I woul stay. I'm always dreaming to live in any world that is not our current one. I would love to live in a fantasy world or in this case Equestria. And about my favourite pony not liking me I would just have to get over it. I don't think its possible anyway that every single pony would like me. maybe I could change their mind but who knows. I don't even really have a favourite pony but I guess it would either be fluttershy or Zecora
  22. I would say between the bottom of the barrel to the dirt that the barrel is standing on. Yeah seems about right.
  23. @A.V. Aw thank you. That just made my day ^-^.
  24. Wooow its been a long time since I posted anything art related on here ( because of several reasons). And since I dont have access to digital art right now I decided might as well practice a bit. I drew a few different expressions and also a few different angles. Hope its not to bad since I haven't drawn Ponies in a bit. So yeah tell me what you think. ^~^
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