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  1. Against the back wall so I can have a nightstand next to it. Might be centered but I don't think so. I just sleep in my room... xD
  2. Where's the "neither" option? I dislike coffee.
  3. Aight. I'll admit it. I'm a Call of Duty fangirl. However, the trash that was Black Ops 4 kinda... killed my interest in the franchise. And I had fairly low expectations for this year's entry. But... I gotta say, Infinity Ward pulled out all the stops and this is one of the best, if not THE best, game in the franchise. IW did an incredible job with this entry and I am very pleased with how it's turning out. I haven't played the campaign yet. That's for this weekend but I have played multiplayer over the last few days. It is a blast. So much to do. So much to unlock. Not a million modes that split the community like years past. And... best of all... crossplay! No longer will I be stuck with a dead game after two weeks on PC since I can simply get matched up with console players. I am absolutely thrilled that this came true! While I can't speak for the future of the game, at the time of writing this, there are NO lootboxes whatsoever. I hope to god it stays that way. If rumors are to be believed, not even a shitty season pass! If no lootboxes stays true and there's no season pass, am gonna be a happy girl. So... y'all... mlpforums party up? Who's with me?!
  4. I'm happy to be getting more Halo on PC. And it's coming to Steam! Big plus. I'm not the biggest Halo fan, but I'll be very happy to play through the games on PC.
  5. Check battery usage and watch if there's a spike from a particular application, or if something is eating inordinate amounts of bandwidth. Apple is, however, known to release updates that do this on purpose in an attempt to force you onto the next model... Then again, this is what you get for using an iphone. snrk
  6. It really depends. If there's an English dub, I'm probably going to prefer that since it's my native language and all. There are some atrocious English dubs out there though. Ranma 1/2 springs to mind. Dub was so bad that I watched it subbed to enjoy the goddamn thing. I'll still watch subbed anime if it's all that exists. And for a chunk of things I like... it's my only choice. Not a lot of localized cheesecake anime for some reason. Your guess is as good as mine. /s
  7. If you want decent rock and metal from the current era, unfortunately, American stuff is really not the place to look. I've listened to my share and while there are some bands I like, most of it I find to be kinda dull. Okay enough, but doesn't have any substance to it. Just shit about women or drugs or something equally banal. As of late, when I look for something new, I check out Europe, specifically the Nordic countries. Norway, Sweden and Finland all produce god-tier bands that have more to their songs. Sprawling epics. About dragons and shit. Much more satisfying listening. To be fair, I don't think I have many bands that are only 2009 and newer that are new and aren't formed from musicians who have been in other bands before. That said, however, if you're interested in that scene, and want something other than Blind Guardian or Sonata Arctica, give Sabaton, Rhapsody, Powerwolf and Ayreon a listen. To be fair, Ayreon started in the mid-90s but their albums are listening experiences you won't soon forget. Hell, anything Arjen Lucassen is involved with is good for a listen. Dude's a machine. I swear.
  8. Big Bang Theory being gone causes me great joy. That was a chasm of unfunny jokes and unlikable characters. You could hear the laugh track because nobody, except my parents apparently, thought that garbage was funny. It wasn't even accurate at portraying 'nerd culture' and makes nerds look like insufferable twats or creepy assholes. Nice to have that slap in the face to nerds everywhere out of active seasons, but it will live on perpetually through re-runs. ugh. Am gonna miss MLP though. Here's hoping G5 is just as good.
  9. Saying that comic books aren't a legitimate form of literature and artistic expression is like saying animated shows can't provide the same kind of experience that live television does. Patently untrue. Art comes in many forms and comics are just as legitimate as anything else.
  10. Probably gonna stick with video games. I don't follow TV and movies very much. Probably start re-reading Dune books again... Then again, there is that new Dune movie on the way, but I have high hopes and very low expectations.
  11. I want to like Star Trek since the lore is interesting and has some heft to it, something sorely lacking in modern media. But I just can't get into it. Never did it for me. Not a Star Wars fangirl either. Seen the original trilogy, which are the only good movies, and played some games but that's it. I have Dune for my sci-fi. Nothing has captured me the way that does.
  12. Oh. You mean the supernatural thing and not a Ghost concert. Bummer.
  13. I think it would be easier for me to list what doesn't make me anxious and... well... I can't think of anything that doesn't.
  14. Right now, doing as well as we can be. I'm the most messed up one right now.
  15. I'm on the chunky side but not heavily muscled. Easy for me to gain weight, which is a big bummer. Ah well... And I'm incorrectly gendered... another huge bummer.
  16. Nope, never gone. Have far too much social anxiety to be in a convention of any stripe. I would love to go but I'd be fucked... entirely.
  17. Physical health? ehh, getting better but I have a lot to deal with. Have lost a bunch of weight over the last year though. Sleeping is a tiny bit better but my sinuses are always messed up, my eyes are definitely getting a little worse and my knees always hurt when the weather changes. Of course, I'm trans so I'm taking estradiol, which just throws everything into chaos. Best not to discuss mental health. Cause I am fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucked.
  18. Nothing, because I don't own shit but some debt! Even if I could afford it, I don't want a lot of land.
  19. I do not smoke, nor do I want to. I have enough health problems and don't need more. But I don't care if anyone wants to smoke. That is their choice and they should be free to make it.
  20. It depends quite highly on the topic. I couldn't even be friends with someone who was fervently anti-LGBT, let alone best friends. That is a serious affront to who I happen to be as a person and I cannot, and will not, tolerate. There are a great many topics where if someone is anti, I could never be friends with said person. There are topics where them being anti doesn't affect anything and it doesn't matter. My best friend and I have many areas where we're not in agreement, but we're not rude about it so we remain friends. I have other friends who do not share all of my beliefs and we still hang out.
  21. I told my parents and that was easier for them to digest than me being transgender. If they have any empathy for you as a person, they'll be supportive. If they're not... well... they're bad people.
  22. Accessing the BIOS/UEFI depends on the motherboard manufacturer and what software they use for it. Usually when you boot it up, it will say something like 'Press [x] to access setup" or something akin to that. [x] will be whatever key is listed. Can be F1, F2 or Delete, which are the most common. F8 was Windows Safe Mode so the chances of that being the key are pretty slim.
  23. Not generally, no. However, my gaming rig is always named SweetieBot. xD
  24. I bought a ton of stuff so uh... not really, no. It hates me right now.
  25. Absolutely not. The life you have is all you'll ever get. There's nothing beyond our lives here. The life we're given isn't simply a test, it's all you have. Make the most of it.