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  1. Considering I was the one who asked my boyfriend out, I would say yes, very much. If anyone believes otherwise, they need to get out of 1950s.
  2. Hormones have done a number on me. Unfortunately, last time I cried was extreme gender dysphoria. So not exactly a 'happy' reason. It was fucking awful.
  3. I have been blessed with a family that is incredible on both sides. The members of my family that I see frequently are all wonderful and we get along well. I have aunts that are supportive of my transition and my nuclear family is as well. Family gatherings never have any drama and there's always plenty of fun and laughs to be had. So yes, I love my family. I'd literally be dead without them.
  4. Ah man. MSN Messenger was my jam a decade ago. MSN Plus was a godsend.
  5. There was a time where I would have said hell no. But that was before I started transition. I would like to get married one day, hopefully to my current boyfriend, but only if I'm the wife. I do not at all want to be a husband.
  6. Most of the negativity towards artificial sweeteners is based off of a faulty study from the 70s (I think is the decade). Modern research was unable to replicate the results that led to the panic about artificial sweeteners, Aspartame in particular. The reality is that it turns out to be no worse for you than real sugar. Is it good for you? Well, no, not at all. It's just not any worse than real sugar.
  7. Between 9 and 10 PM. If I don't get to bed before then, I won't get enough sleep. I have insomnia so that really makes it difficult.
  8. My Firefox session at home is probably over 600 tabs split across six windows by now.
  9. Worst I've had was getting my hand slammed into a car door and having some broken bones in there. That sucked.
  10. I've had a few bad experiences but there will be one that always sticks out. It took place at an IHOP over a decade ago and I have not been back since. Being a 24 hour place, I went there late at night back in the day when my brother worked for lamestop. He had a midnight open that would probably be short so I gave him a ride and went to grab some eats while I waited. I plugged in my laptop and started waiting for someone to come by. There were a few waiters that night but they were all fucking off and talking to their stupid friends instead of working. It took at least 30 minutes before they took my drink order and fifteen before I got the damn thing. Another 20 before I got my food put in and another wait to even get my order. The pancakes were good at least. But I did not leave a tip because they didn't earn it and I was super close to just walking the fuck out because I had to wait just TO PAY. Single worst experience and I will never go back there.
  11. Medium. It's a good middle ground. If they slightly undercook it, it's still mid-rare. If they go a little over, it's mid-well. Both of which are good.
  12. I've only had two actual surgeries. The first was wisdom teeth removal and, due to the way they came in, I had to have them drilled, broken and removed in chunks. I was on painkillers for two weeks after that and I couldn't eat anything for a month. That sucked. The other surgery I've had was sleep surgery, which removed tissue from the throat and opened my nasal passages. The recovery from that was painful. I couldn't eat or drink. But I was hopped up on pain meds so much that I slept most of the recovery time. I'll be having further surgeries coming up. Trans surgery... oh boy...
  13. Laugh and tell them my name. Ain't no dude here, even if I resemble one. o.o
  14. ew, the OP is absolutely batshit crazy if this was a legitimate post. If you hate yourself for something you can't control, or even influence for that matter, you've got some serious problems. But on a more serious note, no. Nobody should feel guilty for being born anything. I was born a white male and there's no guilt to be had for that simple fact. I've changed a lot since I was born but that's another thing entirely.
  15. Since I'm transgender and all, I already chose a new name and it's Marisa.
  16. Yes. Been wearing them for a good 30 years.
  17. Yes, it has been a while since my last one of these. But the series resumes today with an actual hidden gem: Strife. Released originally in 1996, Strife is a first-person RPG-esque shooter created using the id Tech 1 engine, sometimes known as the "Doom engine." While Strife doesn't have true RPG elements, it has a town hub and 'safe' locations where you can talk to NPCs and don't have to worry about combat. The game itself is set in a dystopic future society ruled by a group that is only known as "The Order." Much like most groups in dystopic fiction, The Order is very authoritarian and limits the freedom of everyone who lives under them. Naturally, a rebel group surfaces to take them down and that is where you, the player, come in upon finding the town hub and a specific group of rebels. Unlike most other games from the era, Strife has multiple endings, which are determined by a specific decision during the main plot. The term hidden gem gets thrown around quite frequently, but few games actually qualify. Strife is a very undervalued gem from the mid-90s that shows what can be done with the id Tech 1 engine. I have an original 1996 release but the game is available digitally as "The Original Strife: Veteran Edition." I highly recommend this one.
  18. Phone and Carmex in my pockets, everything else in my messenger bag.
  19. Hometown team! KC all the way. Fuck the niners! xD
  20. While it's not an official diagnosis, everyone I routinely see acknowledges that I have Asperger's.
  21. Serious introvert. Being social is just so incredibly draining that I can't deal with it sometimes.
  22. If my work ethic sucked, I would not be where I am today. Almost five years in and I went from lowly tier 1 support to tier 3 and lead of ecommerce. Don't be lazy, it doesn't work out in the end.
  23. I'll be getting mine dyed a rich purple sometime soon. It'll be fun!