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Do you love or hate your parents?



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    • love my parents.
    • hate my parents.
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I love my mother (father unfortunately passed years ago) but also would consider her flawed for the sole reason being the only thing she learned to ask me every single day is "are you working today?" Other than her wanting all my paystubs and expecting me to work a minimum wage job 24/7, I'm grateful that she is still providing me a roof over my head.

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My parents might be the only ppl in my family I do love lol, my brother has his moments, but I don't think he'd be around us as much if he didn't have to be

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My mother is a troubled person with some problems that her parents never explained to her. And I did mention this to my grandfather multiple times since childhood. But he couldn't take it to have had two "special" children in a row, so he doubled down with me, and failed again. Since I am special, too. But he never wanted to listen whenever I brought it up.

Still, it angers me to realize her dullness when it comes to notice the same problem. But that was the fault of her parents for not helping them understand the nature of this medical condition, and filling their heads with bs about succesfull futures, and how they were "better".
Which is the reason my mother has this superiority complex, that is just there to hide a delayed mind. And sometimes it makes me paranoid that she is hidding something from me, but she really is that special, unfortunately. I mean, I was six years old when I first noticed my symptoms. But she is almost sixty and still unable to see it...

She is going to kill me like she killed her mother and her father. She is dragging me down, and has been doing so since the beggining. Even when she doesn't notice it. Also, she switches to victim blaming very easily. That is what happened when my grandfather was becoming delirious. She went crazy and started attacking him, the same way she attacked her terminal mother. Which was the reason I started to believe they had done something to her. Anyways, it is impossible not to love that sweet little girl in the end.

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It's ... not as cut and dried as it should be.

I get along well with my mother.  We keep in contact, I went back last year and visited her, and I do love her.  I never got on well with my father, haven't seen him in over 25 years, and last time I had any communication with him was 15 years ago.  It was about 7 years ago that I learned the truth about my existence, and that that kind of soured things, more toward my father than my mother.

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It's very, very complicated. I had an abusive childhood and even received abuse from my parents as a young adult. My dad treated me worse when I was younger and my mom treated me worse when I was older. My dad also left the country at a time that was very dark for my family, so there's definitely some resentment there for the feeling of abandonment. Things were unspeakably bad with my mom when she was at a point when she couldn't even function in society, but since she got rehabilitated, I can have a normal conversation with her. 

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