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What Element of Harmony Are You?


Which Element Best Suits You?  

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  1. 1. Which Element Best Suits You?

    • Honesty
    • Kindness
    • Loyalty
    • Generosity
    • Laughter
    • Magic
    • It's hard to tell

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All ponies are connected to this mysterious mythical power somehow. So, which one do you believe you are in?


I think I coinside with Honesty, if I make mistakes I take the responsibility.

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Hmm.... there isn't something like an Element of Failure, is there?


But I believe I would align with the Element of Loyalty the most. If I join a group, I tend to stay in it for a very long time.

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I'll stick to my element of Creativity, thanks. I don't need any elements besides those I've made for ELIT. :3


Though as far as canon goes, I think Generosity would describe me best. I mean, I think up entire worlds, then just put them out there for everyone to enjoy freely.

And maybe Loyalty, along with Kindness. It made me stay in a certain shithole of a forum (now dead, fortunately) despite all the trolling going on with the support of its staff.

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Laughter, easily. I can laugh at pretty much anything, and that's actually how I deal with stress and/or trauma a lot of the time; I laugh it off. I'm also good at making others laugh :)


Second would probably be loyalty, kindness or generosity, I think. I'm pretty honest, but it's not like honesty is a major facet of my personality, you know?


If magic could be translated to science in the real world, then I'm pretty good at that, too.

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Probably the Element of Laughter (even though personality-wise, I'm most like Applejack), since I, as a couple of other people have said for themselves as well, tend to deal with stress by trying to find humor in a situation. Unless I'm in a really bad mood, I'll pretty much laugh at anything... unfortunately today, I must sadly admit, I had a really, really, REALLY buckin' bad time at the buckin' DMV, and kinda did fall into a Pinkamena kinda mood, which I'm still trying to get out of. Here's hoping I'm in a better mood soon! :)

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Probably Loyalty. I always help out my friends, and even with teachers or supervisors, I make sure I please them with my work ethic. Unless they're a-holes. Then I slack off occasionally and don't think twice about it =p But hey, all of the Mane 6 have times when they don't live up to their element, so that's mine~

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Either loyalty or laughter. I would like to say magic but...... (Most probably loyalty over laughter.)'



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Magic, because eerily enough, Twilight's discovery of friendship was almost the same as how I first discovered friendship. I was really taken by surprise by how good the feeling of having friends felt. Before that I used to think friends were just people who you hung out with, but I felt a stronger connection to the people I cared about after my "discovery". Incidentally, this all happened in 2010, the year that MLP first started to air.


It also goes beyond that because if I didn't have any friends (or somehow lost them), I would be mentally and emotionally destroyed, ala Discord'd.

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Loyalty, honestly believe I have that quality to a fault. On more than a couple of occasions I've had to stick my neck out simply because I made a vague promise. Sure maybe I could of led it slide but that's just not in my nature.

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Loyalty : I never leave a friend in need!

Kindness : Because friends always tell me i'm kinda >^_^< i'm never mean to anyone anless they really russled up my feathers!


Laughter: I'm never cought not smiling or trying to make people laugh ^_^

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I lean to the Loyalty side more than anything else.


It would be Kindness, if I didn't have these metaphorical battle scars to show for my Interwebs life.

It would be Generosity, if I had anypony to share with.

It would be Laughter, if I hadn't made so many people hurt inside.

It would be Honesty, if I weren't so well-practiced at lying.

It would be Magic, if it could be translated into reality.


It's Loyalty because I've fought on the same side every time.

It's Loyalty because I almost gave my life to my friend.

It's Loyalty because I laugh with my friends, not at them.

It's Loyalty because every time I lie, it's for my friends' good.

It's Loyalty because I don't push my friends to be anything more than they are.

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