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general Do you plan on getting married?

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On 2016-12-09 at 12:43 PM, TBD said:

Too expensive and since it expect you to have kids, that will rise $$ even more.

4 years passed, age 30, single, and still not rich. :orly:

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I used to believe in love, used think there truly is that special person out there and I learned one day the falsehood of it. So no, I used to dream of it as a kid to be married and have children start a family together. Yet this is not a pursuit you will find in common with well pretty much anyone, people nowadays only want one thing and that one isn't worth getting married for if you ask me my opinion. Only person worth marrying is someone truly devoted to you, someone you truly love and that truly loves you they'll have waited for you simple as that. More and more of my experience with people, people in general I should say, is that there are good people out there but majority of them are not worth pursuing a relationship with. You'll know once you meet people worth pursuing a relationship with as they will actually show you these qualities. Of course, I want to believe that marriage would somehow add to me life in the day and era I simply do not see it. This is a financial and legal arrangement heavily favoring females when it comes to divorce not to mention it overall wouldn't make sense as most wouldn't necessary share my financial situation and as such they would favor greatly from marrying me and then simply divorce me. While I do know the legalities and ways of making sure they wouldn't get a dime there is still the question of just what is the point unless you have someone truly devoted and committed to a long term relationship. Someone who's truly yours, I mean many people nowadays have disgusting body counts that would make most get turned off by the idea in the first place. 

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That would require me actually finding someone Irl who’s actually interested in me as a person and not just a hookup to toss aside.

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It depends if the right person comes along. I'm work and family orientated so its a bit hard to find someone who aligns with those values at this time.

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I'm in my mid-30s now, I would really love to find someone, get married, have a child and all of that stuff. The fact that I'm getting older has hit me hard lately, but I also have to reckon with the fact that the past decade and a half (since right out of high school) I was stuck in a mental bubble so to speak where I did not ever really live for such a future, because I thought I had no future altogether, so I "froze" myself right in the place I was and didn't want to acknowledge that time was moving forward. I did not ever learn to "adult", in many ways I'm like an 18 year old who is just waking up to having a future and that's not great. I need to get a lot of things in order. Like, when I went to college, it was never with the actual intention of a career, I went just to have fun and learn.

Oh, look at me oversharing again. It probably seems irrelevant to this topic, as well. What I'm meaning to say by this is that I'm not sure I'm in a place where I should get married and have a child, despite how old I am in reality, because I fear I'm not mature enough nor do I have so many details of my adult life in order, like a career. *sighhhhh* I need therapy, lots of therapy and a degree.

But YES, I do want to get married.

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