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What is your Cutie Mark?


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Great question! My answer is pretty deep though. And a bit weird.


To many ponies, this is the symbol of the element of air. But to my understanding it has multiple meanings.

The 3 sides of the triangle represents fantasy, (I'll explain later) And the line across represents reality. That line is the balance between truth and lies because if there is no line there, there would be 3 lines left. The number 3 is my unlucky number and I absolutely hate it. If the line across is there, there are lines it also means I live a life without hate. Without the number 3.

This symbol could also mean the 4 princesses. At first, there was only 3. (Bad) But when Twily came, it made my life better. She is the line across the triangle, getting rid of all my fears. (And also becoming the pony Midnight loves) The number of lines are now 4 (Good) Which equals balance to Equestria and myself.

Midnight got this as his cutie mark for becoming really great at flying, but after some time he broke his wings and hated his cutie mark. What is the point of having a cutie mark that represents that you're good at something when you can't do it?

This represents me being happy once in my life, but soon bad things happened and I hated my life.

Also, an upward pointing triangle represents male, and a downward pointing triangle represents female.

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Because my oc had befriended a Thunderbird, a creature thought to be too wild and dangerous to associate with. She has a talent for calming the most dangerous animals in the world. She can't understand what they're saying like Fluttershy, but she can read their body language.

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