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What else are you shipping besides ponies?

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I've been shipping Marvel and DC characters as of late. I'm a stickler for all things canon, but I can't think of a single superhero who found one, and only one, life partner to be with. The editors at these companies must have some unwritten rule that none of their characters can be in any exclusive relationship. Even if they get married, new writers will just take over the stories and find some excuse to make them break up so they can make their own ships happen. They'll even make them gay without any prior evidence in the past suggesting that's how they might swing (like a certain X-Man made of ice). And they get paid for that too. I mean, damn. If love life between heroes and villains can be that meaningless in these universes, they all might as well be in one big polygamous family. They're all up for grabs, so I'll just ship whatever looks hot.

There are other IPs in which I partake in shipping, but this is all I have time to throw out there for now. What about you?

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Well, if you're going off my actual "I Ship It" list.
-DC characters
-Nintendo characters
-Anime characters
-Real people
-Haunted animatronics
-Horror movie villains

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I ship a certain pair of Paladins characters, but I've found literally no art for it because apparently there aren't enough gay fan artists, or female fan artists that draw gay ships, in the Paladins community. :dry:


Aside from that... I ship nothing. I have no ships other than that one.

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I'm not a shipping person, so I don't even ship any characters together in My Little Pony. :P

Although there is one ship that I've rooted for intensely from the beginning outside of this fandom... :twi:

It's LAPIDOT. :D Raising The Barn was heartbreaking for me 

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I only ship characters when it's "required" in video games. Best examples are Fire Emblem: Awakening and Fire Emblem Fates. And ファイアーエムブレム 聖戦の系譜 of course. Their children will be units and you can try making them really strong and give them useful skills. :) I'm not really a shipper otherwise~

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Everything. I am a shipping freak. Vegetables, yogurt, cheese, shoes, hats, socks, more hats, towers, the sun and moon, forks and knives, knives with knives, forks and forks, more cheese. Everything, everything!

No, I don't really ship. Unless I am using the postal system to deliver something, but that is about it.

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Haha, um. Hahaha ummm. I uh, sorta ship a Regular Show character with a self insert OC,,,,and I’m pretty embarrassed cause people bully me for having a crush on them,,,,,,,







I just,,,,,,,he makes me happy n. He was the person I really needed during my depression and so I make up for that time by having a self insert oc to,,,,,,,um,,,,,,,,,,,date him..

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