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What is the stupidest thing you have done after drinking alcohol?


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When I was 19 I got drunk in a park with some friends and apparently (I don't remember this) started doing karate moves in front of everyone before falling on the floor and passing out. The next thing I knew I'd woken up in a hotel; alone, and without any trousers on. The fact that I couldn't remember how I got there or where my trousers vanished to made me want to quit drinking for good, and I haven't touched it at all in years.

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Only real drunk story I have ranks very low on the stupidity scale if I'm being honest. :catface:

One Halloween while I was chatting on Discord with some friends, I consumed a fair bit of wine. As in I drank an entire bottle in a 30 minute period and some before that.


Maybe a little more after that. :sealed:


Anyway! Most of the conversation I had when Mr Alcohol kicked in saw me correcting the same typing mistakes about 20 times per typo. Aware enough that I was spelling things wrong "sdort of liek thisde", but in control enough to navigate to the edit button to try and correct them. And being very bad at it. To the point of being "Meh. Close enough." with each error.

Then I barfed on my bedroom carpet...


Then in my bin once I grabbed it.


Then made an initial attempt at cleaning up before finding a spot on the floor that was a safe distance from my shame, before taking a quick nap. A really comfy nap from what I remember. Then woke back up, continued chatting before going to bed at a really late hour.

Then I woke up with a clear head the next morning (which I wasn't expecting) before cleaning up the mess on the carpet. Luckily it didn't stain the carpet, but a towel had to be sacrficed to the outside rubbish bin. :muffins:

I only started drinking a couple of years ago. But I've only really consumed enough to be drunk a couple of times. I think one of those times actually involved me making a status update here telling everyone that I really liked them.

But yeah. Nothing outlandishly stupid. :catface:

Drunk me is pretty much like this:




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