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Mmm... Lyra...

Oh, hi there! I'm Sky Scraper. I'm a pegasus pony working as an architect in Ponyville. Since I'm not a super well-known pony in these parts, my beautiful and much-more-famous-than-me marefriend suggested that I create a thread here, so that we can answer whatever questions you may have for us. Wait one second...

*rubs Lyra's mane* Wake up, Lyra!

*yawns* Ugh, what is it, Sky? Can't we just snuggle under the blanket for a while longer?

Well, I decided to start that thread that you suggested to me yesterday, and I'm not gonna do it without you, sweetie... *noms Lyra's ear*

*giggles* Oh, Sky! Fine, I'll do it!

Hey everypony! I'm Lyra Heartstrings! You probably know all about me by now, but I thought this would be fun for me and my coltfriend to do together. *leans her head on Sky's shoulder*

*puts a hoof around Lyra and pecks her on the cheek* So there you go! Now that we've introduced ourselves, feel free to ask us anything!



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Hi, Lyra and Sky! :D I hope you both have an amazing day! :mlp_yay:

I know you probably get this question a lot, but I'll ask it anyway! :P If you had to choose the one thing you like the most about each other, what would it be? :kindness:

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2 hours ago, Tacodidra said:

Hi, Lyra and Sky! :D I hope you both have an amazing day! :mlp_yay:

I know you probably get this question a lot, but I'll ask it anyway! :P If you had to choose the one thing you like the most about each other, what would it be? :kindness:

Hi, @Tacodidra! I hope you have an amazing day too!

To answer your question, Lyra is by far the sweetest and prettiest mare I've ever met in my life. She gets me like no other pony ever has before and she never fails to cheer me up if I'm having a bad day.

*blushes* Aw, that's so sweet of you, Sky!

Anyway, if I had to choose just one thing about him, it would be how kind and thoughtful he is to everypony. He's always been a bit on the quiet side, but he's always willing to listen, even when I'm going on and on about my anthropology obsession! On top of that, who in Equestria can resist his good looks?

56 minutes ago, oregon said:

Whoa. I’m starting to feel like a third wheel here.


So Sky, how did you get your cutie mark?

I understand, Lyra and I can be very affectionate with each other sometimes. But don't worry, everypony is welcome here!

Well, in my youth, I was always sort of reclusive and grumpy, and more than a bit of a perfectionist. No matter what I was good at, it always felt like I wasn't quite good enough. I sometimes felt like I would never amount to anything, and struggled with deciding what I wanted to do with my life. As a result, I went most of my colthood without getting a cutie mark, and was one of the last remaining blank flanks in my class.

One day I realized that although my perfecionism had consistently troubled me over the years, there was one profession where it would come in handy: architecture. I'd always had a certain fascination with buildings and bridges, so I decided that this could be the career for me. I enrolled in the Canterlot School of Architecture, and I soon discovered that I was better at drawing and designing than many of the established architects at the time. Ponies were very impressed by my design skills and amazed that I was still a a blank flank. Shortly before my graduation, a new wing was due to be added to Princess Celestia's castle, and she decided to hold a contest to design it. I entered it, but knew I was going to be up against the best architects in Equestria. I worked tirelessly on my design to make sure it was absolutely perfect. On the day after the contest ended, Celestia carefully examined all the proposed designs and to my amazement, she named my design as the winner! At that moment, my flank started glowing, and the symbol of a skyscraper appeared on it! "Bucking finally!" I exclaimed.

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On 4/26/2019 at 9:35 PM, catnet said:

Hi! :) How do you both like spending your free time? What's your favourite moment together? Any plans for the future? :) 

Hi, @catnet! You might already know this, but like to spend my free time either playing my lyre or reading books about anthropology.

And I always enjoy listening to Lyra's music. Some other hobbies of mine include writing and drawing.


The best moment that Sky and I have shared together is definitely our first kiss at last year's Grand Galloping Gala! A slow, relaxing love song began playing, our eyes met at the exact same moment, we both leaned in, closed our eyes, and before we even realized it, our lips had locked for the first time. At that moment, we knew that we were officially coltfriend and marefriend.

*blushes lightly* I think that's my favorite moment with you, too.


To be honest, Lyra and I don't really have much in the way of plans. We're just trying to enjoy each day as it comes, and be thankful for all the time that we spend together.

Well, I was hoping that we could go to Manehattan together one of these days...

Of course, that sounds lovely!

*laughs* Well then, I guess we do have plans for this summer!

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