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Anything similar to MLP?


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On 8/26/2019 at 1:47 PM, RobyTheHardGamer said:

So for Alpha and Omega is the only one I know.

Oh, I didn't know about the movie. I think I will watch this soon, thanks! :fluttershy:

I unfortunately can't tell you, since I'm looking for similar things myself... I experienced this often. Sometimes a media is SO GOOD you absolutely need something similar! But it doesn't exist... :( Someone on another platform recommended "Spirit Riding Free", but I only watched the first episode, though.

I liked Pokémon before becoming a brony. MLP perfected what I was missing in Pokémon, but the franchise could still be an option for you. I also liked the feel of the first 2 Digimon seasons. Or some classic Anime about families and friendship. Oof, it's difficult. :coco:

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It really depends on what "similar to MLP" is. For any specific aspect of MLP, I'm sure we could find a ton of shows, but it's gonna be different ones for each.

"Non-anthro animals" confuses me since MLP ponies are certainly somewhat anthropomorphized, but I suppose I should mention Kipo and the Age of the Wonderbeasts since that's a great show with lots of talking animal characters (albeit higher on the anthro scale than MLP ponies), a similar idealistic tone and the power of friendship is in effect (although no rainbow lasers).

If what you're after is an animated show with a similarly idealistic tone and younger target audience where the heroes often try to befriend even their villains (which is what I'd say made MLP:FiM appeal to me), then She-Ra and Steven Universe are also excellent.

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Idk about non-anthro but Avatar the Last Airbender, Adventure Time, and Gravity Falls are somewhat similar. Or maybe underrated shows like Grojband or Xiaolin Showdown. If you wanna check out similar anime, maybe Food Wars or Anohana :twi:

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