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health Belly Button - Innie or Outie?


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So, do you have an innie or an outie?


If you don't have "any", you are a clone according to The Simpsons:




Bonus, can you make an innie into an outie?


Me: I have an innie. Also, belly button is news, so nyeh!

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I was about to post something in the "why do people have kids" thread, about pregnancy and bellies, when I realize there was no thread about this. I wanted to be the cool dude who made such an important thread :wacko:


I can just say that my bigger brother have an outie! Just to even things out a little :Rara:

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17 minutes ago, Sherbie said:
26 minutes ago, lyrabetes3939 said:

outie, those things look weird.

true, they do

I think it is okay to have any belly button shape. I usually associate outies with abs. Most of us want visible abs. There is a certain balance :sassy:

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Innie. Thank god too, outie makes me cringe. It's like a giant zit or something that is about to pop out or whatever. :eww:

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