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Why do you think MLP never addressed death directly?


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I know we had "Tanks for the Memories" but that was allegorical. I mean, even Frozen addressed death head on, I think that MLP could have, at the very least, made and episode talking about the death of Bright Mac. and Pear Butter. They kind of danced around the fact that they died in the Perfect Pear. I mean, if the show can say that the  entire world of Equestria was decimated in one of the alternate timelines that Starlight created, or that Princess Luna was psychologically torturing herself with the Tantibus, it seems strange that they couldn't say outright on the show that the two Apple parents had passed away and have one of the characters explain how it happened. 


What are your thoughts?

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2 hours ago, ShadOBabe said:

Because the show is rated TV-Y/TV-Y7. Pretty sure that’s an even younger rating than Frozen, which was PG (parental guidance).

Pretty much this. It's a kids show, and the last thing you want to do in a kids show is traumatize them about death. MLP does however indirectly/discreetly address death and suicide in a few different episodes. Tanks For The Memories addresses the grieving process, and A Rockhoof And A Hard Place addresses depressed/suicidal people, just in very subtle non-overt ways. 

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It's the times we live in nowadays. Also it changes from culture to culture and since mlp and hasbro try to reach as much audience as possible and that audience is kids and their crazy moms mostly then I understand why wouldn't they go into certain themes.

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