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i remember *Alot* of them for the simple fact that my friend is a die-hard marvel fan Their comics are beast as hell though, gotta give credit. Hell they even have halo comics...

Thats so true :wub: im a little bored now, so im gonna dig out an old Spidey one ive got lying around since i was about 7. Such good stuff...

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Found it! Its a Boxtree revamp of some of Spideys old comics in the form of graphic novels, so its not as old as i thought it was. This ones just entiled "The Amazing Spider Man. In this issue: Silver Sable is back!" on the front and simply "Spider man: Silver Sable" inside the cover.

Posted Image

I seem to remember Spidey having to stop an old Nazi genral in this one. Ill have a good read :wub:

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Sweet jesus, It's a Marvel thread on here!



Can I re-boot this dead thread by posting pictures? Yes, I believe that will bring some life here...



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there are alot of Marvel characters voiced by ponies, I'll make a list later. I made a topic for Marvel Avengers Alliance, a facebook game. Make no mistake though, despite it's name, it has many more playable heroes and not just avengers

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I love Marvel, tho my interest is mainly thru the 90s cartoons cuz I never had the cash to buy the comics. Tho I did borrow some off people. My main interest is X-men, tho I do like Spiderman as well.


I feel the following pictures will be of interest.







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