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Do any Pegasi have any family?

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One of the Cake's baby is a pegasus. Boom!


But yeah, I think that's just a coincidence, they'll eventually show Rainbow's, Fluttershy's and Scootaloo's families, I hope

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Maybe pegasus are more independent creature's by nature. ~


That's what I was thinking.

I was thinking that perhaps being in the sky they have an obvious separation from the Unicorns and Earth Ponies. This means perhaps they came up with a very different system of parenthood. From what we can tell Unicorns and Earth Ponies have a similar parenting structure to us humans. They seem to raise them throughout their childhood (exception of Twilight Sparkle who spent most of her childhood in Magic School).


From all that we really know is that they are raised as babies (duh) but perhaps when they grow old enough to fly on their own they are sent to a flight camp to master their flying. I'm guessing they spend quite a bit of time at the camp since that's where Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy develop such a close friendship. Eventually they graduate Flight Camp and probably go off on a career!


There was a thread earlier concerning Twilight Sparkles childhood since it seems that she was a gifted youth that was sent off to advanced schooling early and probably had no friends and was picked on! :( I imagine Fluttershy had a similar experience since it seems like she was regularly picked on for not being a good flyer. She seemed only happy when she fell to the earth and found the animals!


Why do ponies have to be so cruel! :(

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