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What's the scariest animal?


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I would say any animal that is poisonous if you touch or get stung by it would be the scariest animal. :sealed:

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A large one cracking twigs and sniffing your head through your tent at 4 in the morning, leaving evidence of drool on the tent for you to find in the morning too...:mlp_confused:

(Yes, true story. What was it? I don't know and don't think I want to either.)

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Wasps. I'm not allergic to them but they are scary when they swarm towards you with their poisonous sting!

On 2022-05-12 at 12:24 AM, ExplosionMare said:

Pet dogs who aren't cared for well are very scary since they can attack people pretty bad.

True. I've been attacked by one just because I happened to walk past its owner's house :pout:

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3 hours ago, Sonic Shimmer said:

Bears. 900 pounds of pure muscle, teeth and claws. And it can run a heck of a lot faster than you can.

God took his time with bears. They can outrun, out swim and out climb people. They have the strongest sense of smell of any animal too, so they would know you're there long before you know they're there. But they're one of my favorite animals, I think most bear species are very cute and very stoic but I would definitely not want to encounter one in person.


I think some of the scariest animals are the dangerous ones that are often too small to see. Parasites like ticks and mosquitos, or other small things like spiders that can be taking refuge in your shoes or clothes, protozoan parasites in natural water. Any tiny creatures that can cause you harm. No thank you.

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I have a genuine phobia of wasps, hornets, and the relatives of those. It's like an evil life form an alien species would drop off on a planet just to torment its residents. Can you imagine what a nightmare a giant one like the cazadors in Fallout would be like? As if those huge Japanese ones weren't scary enough already.

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