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What Anime Character Are You Most Like?

Lucky Bolt

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Hate to say it but I am Ash Ketchum in a nutshell, I know virtually nothing other than catch pokemon because duh! Also I am a dumb Red fangirl and my OC is his cousin with virtually no substance other than, "Stay away from my cousin! You can't have him!" Also she's Blue's cousin too... I tried to make the plot clearer by having Red and Blue having had the same dad, but never known it... :P Her name is Scarlet...

Here's a goofy ahh Ash Ketchum meme for you to enjoy: 




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On 2024-01-06 at 11:51 PM, Samsara said:

When I was trans I felt very identified with Ranma.


"When I was trans" There's no 'was', Trans people are always Trans.

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