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  1. They're all synonyms to each other. See.
  2. Do you think the Equestria Girls have cutie marks?

    How would you know, considering it's for little kids, there's no possible way they reveal their hips in broad daylight in front of the viewers.
  3. Do you think the Equestria Girls have cutie marks?

    According to the recent episode of equestria girls choose your own ending (or CYOA) happliy ever after: rarity
  4. Oh I got a certain character: Starlight glimmer and this video(probably) shows why she's not in it for more than 2 seconds, all because of one of her friends won't stop bregging about their friendship.
  5. I wonder if starlight (and Trixie) was able to be a part of the main storyline, rather than just being in it for 2 seconds
  6. Rainbow rocks really takes the spotlight on being the best movie ever.
  7. Is Zephyr Fluttershy's younger brother in EQG?

    Seems too old, to me.
  8. Which new EG design is your favorite?

    All of it is pretty good, however I'd like starlight's the most.
  9. 2 44 Minute Specials Planned

    I have a prediction:will the pony of shadows appear in EqG in the next specials in someway?
  10. Is Zephyr Fluttershy's younger brother in EQG?

    He's in EqG all right, however I don't like the way he looks in human form, he just looks like a hippie.(shudders)
  11. Season 9 the last season. Yes or no.

    I hope starlight gilmmer's part of g5 when it comes
  12. Season 9 the last season. Yes or no.

    What about Equestira girls?
  13. I think the entire school already know it's there, because starlight and sunset just straight up walked through the portal, in front of everyone in the courtyard.
  14. Also princess twilight and probably Celestia didn't "teleport" to a safer location!