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What Cartoon Character do You Look Like


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I've been told by my friends, I look like an anime character. I denied it, then I realized... It was true :(

I don't know if it's a good or bad thing :P

Anywho, this just brought up the question I asked. thought it would be interesting :P


I've been told I look like Connie from Attack on Titan, and to be honest I actually look exactly like him...


I've also been told I look like Sasuke from Naruto, but with a shaved head...


So now I'd like to see what cartoon character you've either been told you think you look like or have been told you look like.

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God that show was aweful.

God that show was aweful.

Eh I thought it was an okay show.


Some episodes sucked, some were pretty hilarious. Like the one where Lil started to get boobs and she had to go bra shopping with her mom. It was just so accurate at how first time bra shopping with your mom is awkward as hell.

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If I slimmed down, and grew out my hair I'd look like Mikami Teru. (My natural hairstyle is somewhat similar to his.)




But, I'm getting a buzz cut tomorrow and I'm still a little overweight so I don't know who I look like at the moment. I suppose I could always buy a wig off of the internet. Then I can still be Mikami! Just one that likes to take the potato chip, and eat it a little too much.

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I guess you mean about personality... some friends told me that I look like this guy from South Park:




And yep, I agree with them, we also share tons of things in common, well, everything except dead parents. o_O (Yea, that much, it's crazy.)

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ive been told i could pull off a Jasmine look from disney?  But ive also been WonderWoman for halloween ^_^
ill let you guys throw me some suggestions though, because this is what i see myself as LMAO:post-8581-0-64846900-1410576229_thumb.jpg

real life pics:

me and my baby brother haha:

and with my hair back for the masquerade thing:post-8581-0-38188600-1410576487_thumb.jpg


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This is a tough one... I am sure there are better cartoon characters who look more like me, but they either aren't in a leading role or I don't know about them.


For now, I'd say I'm most like Sunny Bridges, the teacher from the cartoon "Class Of 3000", the one modeled after Andre 3000 himself. Yeah, I basically look like him; same fashion sense, facial hair, etc. Except, I have white skin...

And a stronger upper body build...

And deeper, more manly voice. B)

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I think I look like Yamanaka Sawako from K-on!






Long brown/auburn hair, hazel eyes, glasses. I think that's all the basics, heh.


While we're speaking about cartoon characters...

For some reason, I think I have a bad habit of making main characters with long, brown hair because that's what I look like.




Yeah, the picture is black and white, but she has brown hair.











And nearly all of them have brown hair.








Even the dog has brown hair!



I can only think of two main characters of mine without brown hair... bad habits...


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