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web What do you have bookmarked/favorited?


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This is simple, just share the sites that you have bookmarked/favorited.


Mine are:


Youtube, Google, SMW Central, Blockland Forums, Photobucket, Equestria Daily, Gradespeed,

deviantArt and MLP Forums

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Detroit Free Press, Detroit News, Twitter, LinkedIn, ESPN, YouTube, MGoBlog (U. of Michigan blog), Need4Sheed (Pistons blog), Nightmare on Helm Street (Red Wings blog), Wikipedia, Sportslogos.net, Bet on Sports, Gajitz, FAIL Blog, Comixed, Quickmeme, Sporcle, Sinfest, Brawl in the Family, Cyanide + Happiness, First Row Sports, Lifehacker, Deviant Art, EqD, Ponychan, Ponibooru, Redbubble, FimFiction, MLP Forums, U. of Michigan Job Board, Teamwork Online (sports job board), NCAA The Market (college sports job board), Caesars Entertainment (Las Vegas), MLife (Las Vegas), Venetian/Palazzo (Las Vegas), Wynn Las Vegas, The Palms (Las Vegas), Treasure Island Las Vegas

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Well, to save you 10 minutes of reading, here's a short list of things in my bookmark library:



Pony Folder (27 different sites including Equestria Daily, this forum, pony music, etc.)

USAF Pararescue folder


School's Digital Blackboard


and Amazon Cloud Player



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Imma do what Kodiak did. Shorten it up.


My bookmark folders are:

Images (with things like random images, manga pages from Mangafox and some tumblr sites)

Videos To Remember (Not much here as I remember most videos or have them in my Youtube faves but I keep certain youtube channels or random videos here)

FAQs/Walkthroughs (Self-explanitory, I should think)

My Little Pony (Anything pony related goes here. I also have a MLP Images subfolder for images I wanna keep that are pony related)

Gaming News (Video game news I wanna keep track of)

eBooks (to keep track of eBooks I wanna read)

Visual Novels (So if I need any English patches, haven't used this one yet, it's for future use)

Flash Games/Movies (For stuff I don't have saved to Newgrounds faves)

Webcomics (For all my 30+ webcomics I read lol)

Writing Material and References (For when I need to do research on stuff I write about)

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Awkward Zombie

MS Paint Adventures

Brawl in the Family

Penny Arcade



Cyanide & Happiness

Order of the Stick





3DS Forums

MLP Forums





Game Informer

3DS Blog




Club Nintendo

Gamestop Powerup Rewards


School Website



Team Fortress 2 Blog

Minecraft Wiki


Team Fortress 2 Item Price Guide

Skaia Imageboard

Humble Bundle

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Livestream.com (someone's specific channel)


I have some random things bookmarked like Fan Fic I still havn't forced myself to read :P

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Ive managed to condense my bookmarks to under ten.


Appked (cracked mac applications)

Fimfiction / EqD / These wonderful forums.




The Pirate bay

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Because I go to some sites so often, my browser remembers them, and I can type ONE letter, and select the webpage. I have no need to bookmark this site :P

Or facebook.


All my bookmarks are the names of sites I rarely ever go to, or I can never remember the first letter of the name (because it's too long and/or stupid to remember)


Frequencies of Music notes (a page that lists the frequency of every note...useful for when I'm really bored in Audacity)

I have my school's Blackboard Page.

A list of every merit badge (I need to get my Eagle... I'm so sick of scouts)

A walkthrough for the original Legend of Zelda.

My math homework's webpage (online math...biggest waste of time in my life)

"Yooouuutuuube it" (go to any youtube video and use this bookmark to make it go crazy...)


And then of course, "OBJECTION"



Never go trollin' without it! :D

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Lots and lots of shit. To give you a rundown, after seeing this thread, I decided to organize my stuff into 2 significant folders: Images (all gifs and reaction images I had, which was... many, to say the least), and Awesome music sites (all music sites I had bookmarked, about 20-30 of them, to keep track on those not visited yet and such). The rest are several websites I visit regularly, mostly forums and such.


Don't ask me to list stuff. It's way too much.

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I have way too many. I'll just list some of what I've got in the bookmark bar.


Video Folder:

Youtube, Synchtube, yooouuutuuube, Veoh, Nico Nico Douga



Gmail, Yahoo, MSN, Derpymail, 10 Minute Mail (for trolling when I need a temporary address)



Demonoid (Yes, I have an account), The Pirate Bay, Tokyo Toshokan, NyaaTorrents, isoHunt, Monova


テレビ (Terebi, Japanese for TV. Anime and J-Drama related bookmarks):

Anime News Network, MyAnimeList, various fansub sites.


Social Networking:

Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit



Tinypic, Imgur, DeviantArt, Canvas



various Japanese language study sites


MLP (Brace yourself. This one's long):

Equestria Daily

MLP Forums

MLP Forums (subfolder): livestream, synchtube

Customs (subfolder): empty. Where I'm going to put custom pony making related sites.

Rainbow Dash Network


Flankbook (RIP. Haven't removed it yet.)

r/mylittlepony (Reddit)

MyLittleFaceWhen - Pony reaction pictures

Music (subfolder): TAPS, mylittleremix.com

Ponypic Image Hosting

Pony Countdown

PandaStar Customs (should go in Customs folder. Yeah, I'm unorganized)

Interactive DJ P0N-3

Bronies Meetup Hub

Games (subfolder): PONY WINGS, Pony Vs Pony - Battle is Magic!, Brohoof! - Minecraft, Luna Vs Fun

MLP:FiM (all episodes on one site)

Browser Ponies

MLP: FiM Online - The Hub Network

Why grown-ass men love My Little Pony (article)


MLP Music Archive (Once again, should be in music folder)

Ponyarchive.org (episode downloads)

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I always give misleading names to my pony bookmarks/favs. I have a lot of them so I'll usually give them some game related title and put them in the middle of bookmarked sites I never look at .______.


I'm on my Ipod now but here I mostly have ponies and some sites Im too lazy to type into the URL bar.

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YouTube, MS Paint Adventures, Equestria Daily, XKCD, Cracked, Poorly Drawn Lines, Netflix, Cyanide and Happiness, Facebook, Minecraft, Vat19, and over 300 StumbleUpon favorites.

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I don't bookmark many things, but here's what I do have:


- This site

- A Youtube video to MP3 converter

- The Instant CSI button (YEAAAAAAAAAAH)

- A cripplingly bad piece of fanfiction which is actually hilarious

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