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Banner by ~ Ice Princess Silky

My hilariously bad picture of Rainbow Dash

Champion RD92

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  • 2 years later...

I don't know, I drew that like 2 years ago ._.

And it still stands as a beautiful work of art to this day.




In all reality this is probably better then my first pony drawing, as hard as a time as you may have believing that xD.

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-sheds a single tear-

it is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen....

It is an exquisite display of beauty and wonder. I can hardly pull my eyes from the perfection I behold in front of me. I have never felt such wonder and amazement in my life! From the beautiful, elegant legs to the strikingly bright, carefully crafted mane and tail....It's obvious that you have placed years of work into this masterpiece that captures the real soul of the artist. I can see the love in every practiced, well-balanced stroke.


Please, O wonderful artist, I would love for you to spare time from your no doubt busy schedule to draw more ponies.

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