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General Media If you could have any fictional pet, what would it be?


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I would get a phoenix or one of those jelly alien things from the closing to Free! Eternal Summer when Nagisa is in space.

Or a poro.

A poro would be cute.

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Funny story, I dreamed that my mom was incubating an ostrich egg and she thought it was dead.  She told me to give it a try if I wanted to.  It started to hatch and out came something that wasn't an ostrich, it was some sort of reptilian preemie thing of which I assumed it was a dragon.  It had it's eyes developed but they were cross eyed, I ran back to show mom, I woke up right after thinking I had to write it down.


So basically a dragon, particularly fostering a dragon that was a preemie.  If dragons can be preemies that is  :blink:

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Just off the top of my head, I would probably choose a dragon, a phoenix, or a hippogriff. They are all quite wondrous creatures. A dragon due to their overall epic and archetypal nature, flight, fire-breathing, and magical ability. A phoenix due to their beauty and their astounding ability to reincarnate themselves from their ashes. A hippogriff because I love the Harry Potter series <3

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