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Inspiring line of words/quotes.


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This one's my favorite. I have no idea who the author is who actually wrote it, but the character who says it is Nicholas Kerensky from BattleTech.

"Be ever vigilant and rely on your strengths: Faith, which preserves us; Knowledge, which gives us power; Understanding, which lets us know our foes; Courage, which lets us face the darkness without fear."

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"Yes, plenty of work. Work without end, an’ famine, an’ frost, an’ all the rest of the miseries - that’s what he’ll get when he comes with me. But he likes it. He is used to it. He knows that life. He was born to it an’ brought up to it. An’ you don’t know anything about it. You don’t know what you’re talking about. That’s where the dog belongs, and that’s where he’ll be happiest."

-Miller, Brown Wolf

Big fan of Jack London here ~<3

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