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Dear, (Username)

You have been invited to a party, hosted by Gyar Bronze Bolt. Cake and other party favors will be provided, all the guests need to do is have fun! This party shall last for four days straight, and shall take place tomorrow. Please bring swimwear, towels, and a bedroll. Thanks!







Gyar looked the invitation over again. Everything was in check. He stuck the envelopes in mailboxes around town and then headed to his vacation home. 'I hope I make some friends...' he thought to himself, and then started cleaning for the party.



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Rosemead yawned. It was morning and the sun shone brightly, "What a gorgeous day," she smiled as she looked across the stained glass windows that colored the floors with morning lights. She fluttered out the front door of her cottage placed on the outskirts of the town to find the newspaper. "Huh?" As she reached for the rolled pages of gray, she noticed a beautifully decorated envelope in her mailbox and picked it up. After entering back inside with the papers she opened it rather excitedly thinking, I have never recieved a letter before. The more she read the more excited she got, " A party? That sounds lovely!" She swooned, thinking about party dresses and decorations, but most importantly to her, the possibility of romantic dancing under the stars. Of course I'll go! With that, she swooped over to her room and rumaged her things for something to wear.

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Kai woke up to the warmth of the sun entering through the window of his house. A grin peeled across his face, as he got out of bed, and went down the stairs to the kitchen. He had picked some yellow azaleas yesterday, and they were sitting on the counter. They really cheered him up, however he was wondering if he should give them to other ponies to cheer them up. After picking some nice hay out and eating it, Kai went outside to check his mailbox. In the magenta pony's mailbox there was one letter. It was from Gyar, and he smiled. He didn't know Gyar well, but Kai did know that Gyar was a nice pony who threw good parties.I may even be able to make friends. Kai thought to himself. It was decided, Kai was going to go to a party!

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Croaks yawned and stretched as he got out of bed, he washed his face, took a shower, and went outside to pick up mail as he did every day. At his mailbox, he opened the flap and reached inside, pulling out several envelopes, one of which was beautifully decorated. What's this? he thought, I never get letters,

He scratched his short beard as he flew back into his cottage.

Over a bowl of cereal, he looked over the mail. When he reached the decorated one, he thought, A party?! Since when do I get invited to parties?

He rushed to shave, and started preparing for the party, looking for his dress clothes, freshening up more, etc.

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On this bright and early morning, Storm Spark was sleeping in his favorite tree with his wings tucked in and his mind clear.

Till he fell out of the tree...


"Sonava........ow....." he moaned rubbing his poor bashed head.

Yawning to himself, he got up and stretched his wings and front legs out feeling the muscles pull and smelling the early morning dew.

"Well, What am I gonna do today.....maybe I can go look for a new town to settle down in."

He flew about 5 miles north till he stood on a hill that over looked a town.

"Huh? what the..... What town is this?" he wondered to himself.

Trotting down the hill, he stumbled into town looking around. He used his magic to take out some bits. about 20.

"Better save these, just in case." he said to himself."Now where should I go first?"

He accidentally stepped on a letter that was under his hoof. He picked it up wondering what was in it.

"What? I-It's addressed to me....."

He opened it up and looked at the paper inside.

"A party.......Sounds like a waste of time.....I'm game! Let's see who falls down drunk first!"

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Top Hat was resting under a tree, his hat over his eyes, snoring.

His pet parasprite, Jim, hovered over with a letter in his mouth.

He poked Top Hat a few times, before getting annoyed and slamming into his stomach.


Said Top Hat, surprised by the rude awakening.

He looked at Jim.

"What was that fo-- a letter?"

Jim nodded.

Top Hat grabbed it, opening it with his magic.

"I don't even have an address, how do ponies send me letters...?"

Curious he read the content of the envelope.

He had to admit it wasn't nearly as exciting as he hoped.

"Hm. A party. Well, I can't refuse an invitation."

He jumped to his hooves, and extracted a map from his hat.

"Right, Jim. Let's get to this Party, then."

He started walking into one direction, frowned, and walked in another one.

Jim shook his head/body. This was gonna be a loooong day.

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Splinter was in a Cannon with his wings tied with rope. ''Helmet, Armor, Survival. Time to light this firework!'' Said Splinter as lighting a rope on the back of the cannon. 3 seconds later Splinter was Flying without his wings in mid air. ''WEE! THIS IS SO- OH NO!'' Screamed Splinter before Smashing into the Open mailbox. ''Ow.'' Said Splinter as rubbing his head. He noticed a letter in the Mailbox. ''What do we have here?'' Said Splinter as ripping up the letter.

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The flutter pony's room was a mess after a few hours: jewelry tossed on the floor, fabrics and capes draping over chairs and her bureau, flowers scattered across the whole room, and every closer door or box was wide open... "Why can't I find ANYTHING to wear?!" She groaned and fell over her bed, sighing softly, but quickly got up as something under her jabbed between her wings, "Ow!" She scrambled back up, her wings flapping clumsily, and noticed it was a necklace, one with a glossy clay rose in the middle and smaller flowers curling at the strings. "Perfect~!" She flicked the necklace up in the air with her nose and had it land neatly around her neck. She had no need for anything too fancy, since the invitation didn't call for such, but it would be in Canterlot, so she decided to groom herself a little more by braiding her long blue tail, curling her bangs a little and placing a pink lily behind her ear. With a sigh, Rosemead finally accepted her looks and gathered all the rest of the things in a small knapsack: a blue throw blanket, a brush, soap, and of course, perfume. "The party's gonna start soon, I'm sure of it." She slipped a pair of silvery tin shoes into her front hooves, giving her steps a "tap clink tap clink" sound pattern. "Off we go now~!" With that, she set flight to the train station, seeing one strange firework shoot through the sky as she flew.

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Gyar slumped against the staircase, as he looked around, all the balloons were in place, and the tables of food were ready. Everything was ready, he added one small thing to the pool, and then flew into the air with his mechanical wings. "Yep... I've outdone myself." he said with a chuckle, landing and waiting for the guests to arrive.

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''Um..Sorry for the Startling intro...I just Flew in a Cannon today and Smashed my head against a door Twice.'' Said Splinter as Fixing his mane. Splinter had a DJ board in two of his hooves. ''Also This Beauty can Play some sick stuff.'' Said Splinter as Smiling at his DJ Board. Splinter walked in. ''A fancy Canterlot party... Never been to one of those before. So where do I set this up?'' Said Splinter as putting his DJ Board on A Table.

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Rosemead bounded out the train and zipped in the direction the invitation had set and delicately landed in front of the door, "I hope this is the place... it looks enormously fancy." She tapped the door three times and waited for an answer,

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Splinter heard the knock. ''I can get that.'' Said Splinter as putting on a Pair of headphones. Splinter opened the door. ''You came for the party? Come in.'' Said Splinter as looking at Rosemead.

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Rosemead smiled and fluttered inside, not before giving this kind guest a bow with her head, "Thank you, sir~" She landed on her two fring hooves, making a light clinking sound, and walked around the place in awe, "How elegant! I Never thought I'd see this with my own eyes.. now, to find my host.."

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''Well...She was quite pretty. Better do a few practice runs with the DJ Board.'' Said Splinter as walking inside and plugging his DJ Board into the wall. The music Started Playing, And Splinter started Remixing. ((Here is the song that Splinter is Playing on the DJ Board. -----> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mzrYlo-88no ))

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Top Hat arrived at the outskirts of Canterlot, looking at the tall towers behind the walls.

"Told ya we'd be here in no time."

He smiled at Jim.

The small parasprite faced hoofed...palmed...legged.

It had been a week and a half since they got the invitation.

And they were just on the outskirts of Ponyville when they did.

They walked up to the bridge, where the capital's main gate stood.

"Top Hat?"

One of the guard called out his name, capturing his attention.

Before him stood a well-built white stallion with a blue mane.

"Well, well. If it isn't Shining Armour!"

They embraced in a hug.

"So nice to see you again Top Hat! I haven't seen you since the gem fraud affair!"

The captain of the royal guards frowned, and let him go.

"Are you here for legal affairs again?"


Top Hat smiled cheesily and dismissed him with a hoof.

"I've been invited to a party!"

"By who?"

Top Hat stopped. He never actually gave it any thought.

"I have no idea."

Shining Armour chuckled.

"You haven't changed a bit."

"What did you expect? I'm good with what I got."

Both Shining Armour and Jim looked at each other in critiscm.

"Listen Top Hat, great seeing you and all, but I need you to give me your documents."

Top Hat smiled sheepishly.

"Ah, yeah, well, you see..."

The white stallion nodded.

"Lost in the hat. Got it."

"You know me so well, Armour."

They chuckled, as they started to walk along the buildings.

Top Hat's face froze.

Maybe TOO well.

Was he losing his edge?

"So, Armour. Asked the princess out yet? Or are you too much of a chicken?"

Shining Armour made a proud pose. He and Top Hat always were in some sort of competition to impress each other.

"Joke's on you, single colt. I married her."

Top Hat's eyes widened.

"No way."

"Yes way!"


"I would have sent you an invitation, but you know..."

"... No adress."

Top Hat completed his sentence, earning a nod.

"What about you? Travelled far and wide? Collected riches? Or have you just been living in the dumpster outside the city?"

Shining Armour smiled slyly.

Top Hat raised an eyebrow. He was about to win their little competition once again.

"Since we last met, I've been to Coltimore, Mulico City, the Kingdom of the Dragons, Ponyville..."

"WHOAH! Wait, back up. What did you say?"

The royal guard said, completely dumbfounded.


Said the showpony, pretending not to know what he was talking about.

"No no, the other thing."

"Oh, the Kingdom of the Dragons? Yeah, hot place. Lots of lava, but if you make the right friends, dragons can be quite friendly."

"So you KNOW where it is??"

"Yes. Is that a shock?"

Top Hat was enjoying this way too much.

"Are you KIDDING!? The only ponies who know where it is are basically the royal family!!"

He paused.

"And you, I suppose."

Top Hat couldn't stop grinning.

He had one once again.

"Well, I'll see you around, Top Hat. I've got duties to attend to."

"Yes, the lady needs pleasing, after all."

He recieved a stern look.

"Oh! Royal guard Duties!! Yeah, I get ya."

Top Hat giggled.

"See ya."


He took a moment to look around.

A crowd of ponies had gathered around them during the conversation, wondering who could possibly know the captain of the royal guards so well.

But once they realized who it was, they all quickly trotted away, the same thought in their heads:

Oh Celestia, not HIM again.


Top Hat grinned. He was quite famous for the Gem fraud scandal of the previous year among Canterlot folk.

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Croaks arrived at the front door. He saw others walk in, so he did as well.

Inside, he noticed the party host named Gyar, and two other ponies. As he came in, he introduced himself to Gyar, saying, "Hi, I assume you're the host? I'm Croaks."

He took his hoof an shook it.

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Rosemead floated over to Gyar, who she had learn was the host of this party. She bowed to him, "Hello, I want to thank you for the invitation!" She gave him a bright smile and abruptly stopped flapping her wings and landed as she noticed she was covering her host with sparkling dust, "Teehee... pardon."

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