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What's the weirdest thing you've heard someone say while sleeping?


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"If they don't improve, they'll be all erased from earth and the records" I wasn't aware of what I was talking about especifically, or with whom for that matter. I woke up and couldn't remember anything but a memory lapse. A clean cut in time.

This is not usual because my awareness is conscious outside this body. So, I think it was purposely erased from my biological memory.

One person of the service staff recorded the end of the conversation, and as he described it, this was a group of entities I was speaking with during my sleep, apparently about the children of earth. Beautiful beings, indeed. And was quite a lengthy meeting, that turned heated during the end.

It was unsettling, because my voice didn't sound like the one of this biological being, and the vocal cords were having a difficult time to reproduce it accordingly. Also the tone with which I concluded this talk was marked with inmense authority.

This was more than ten years ago. And it hasn't happened again since then, so I guess everything is O. K. with earthlings. Probably it isn't, at all. But, good luck with that.

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"cheeeeese"  it also blended  so well with their snore. 

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 "Bzzzz I'm a bee." ~ my brother. Not to mention he was laughing too. All while he was sleeping. Probably not the weirdest thing, but it was funny. :laugh: We used to share the same bedroom when we were little and I would wake up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom or something and every once in a while he'd say or do something hilarious in his sleep. 

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