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More guys or girls?

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I think there was research done that verifies it’s far more males than females and I think women just call themselves whatever they like.

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4 minutes ago, cuteycindyhoney said:

I sometimes think I'm the only female fan left that likes pegasister better than brony.

Hey, I'm still here! But it's not like I've ever considered myself enough of a fan to even justify a fan title. It's just if I did, it would 100% be Pegasister or at least something that is not Brony.

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On 3/22/2019 at 1:54 AM, Dreambiscuit said:

I think there are more guys in the fandom. Either that or the females aren't as active or high-profile overall. 

^ What she said. 

There ARE active open female fans, like myself, just not as much I'd say. And personally, I've always preferred the term pegasister for myself. :twi:

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And remember that some fans are unaccounted for as they don’t have an online presence. My female cousin and my aunt both like MLP but don’t use forums like this. At most my cousin had a Rainbow Dash avatar on YouTube a few years ago and made some comments on pony related videos. Mostly she’d just talk about the show with me,

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There are more males than females in fandom, according to the results of a census on the fandom.

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