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If you had your own spaceship


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An indoor Aquaponics area would be cool, so I can grow my own food and get fish at the same time.

I woud love to have a medical bay with me, maybe make some friends with some adventurous doctors or biologists and just go to different planets, perhaps with a section in that level for geologists too? :ooh:

I would love to have around(or up to) 50 people to bring along and explore space, so having a good amount of space for living would be great!!  Some nice rooms with ample space for people to relax in.  Maybe a library somewhere in there?  Definitely a gym will be added there, exercise is important!!!

Oh!  Some linguists too!!!  If there're any alien life forms out there, I'm sure they'd be happy to learn a new language?

If I had a spaceship, I'd use it for exploration and science but I understand that some defenses would be necessary too.  I think some security people would be nice?  Maybe instead of 50 maybe 75???

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Fast transport. Protective shielding from the horrors of space. Good defensive systems. A sapient AI. Comfy like a luxury cruise liner. 

So basically it's the Enterprise D on the inside, and looks like this on the outside. 

See the source image

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6 minutes ago, BornAgainBrony said:

Computer, load every episode of 'My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic' into memory.

Extrapolate for holo-simulation data.

Run program.

Equestria on the Holodeck...I am so there!

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I would want some device that could allow faster than light travel. Light speed is way too slow to explore the universe. 

Also need a particle disintegrator beam for those annoying asteroids  :sneer:

12 hours ago, Lucky Bolt said:

If I could find a way to explore Jupiter....

I don't know of any space probe that could survive Jupiter's atmosphere, but I could lend you an X-ray telescope. It should penetrate some of those thick clouds.  Just be sure your space suit is lined with lead. The transmitter on that thing puts out a lot of hard x-rays ^_^

12 hours ago, Twilight Luna said:

A functioning life support system would be nice, replicators, and a holodeck 

Have @Phosphor and Twily be in charge of astrometrics.

Woohoooo! *Packs up space gear  :ticking:

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Life support systems, first and foremost, and the usual things a spaceship would need to traverse space e.g. navigation systems, landing gear, oxygen, fuel etc.. Secondly, a warp drive of some kind for exploration. Thirdly, invulnerability shields or some type of force-field around the ship to prevent objects damaging the craft. Fourth, a somewhat powerful weapon of some kind... Preferably a laser cannon. Fifth, a cloaking device, so that no one can ever find it when I've landed and parked it. Sixth, a pinpointing device, so I know where the ship is once I've cloaked it and left it. :derp:

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17 hours ago, cuteycindyhoney said:

A time rotor is a MUST!



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Related image

I'll take this one from Treasure Planet. It has old world styling combined with sci-fi possibilities. It runs on solar sails and apparently creates its own local atmosphere in space. Very cool. 

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