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Favorite Ask a Pony Tumblr?

Mister Jack

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I'm sure a lot of you have seen the various tumblrs where an artist will either take a canon pony or make up their own character and answer questions in-character with drawings. Those of you who follow these: which are your favorites?


I don't have any particular order, but I'm particularly fond of the following:


Ask Twilight Sparkle (the one who did Epic Meal Time)

Ask Blueblood

Ask Molestia (Don't judge me)

Ask My Little Chubbies

Ask The Crusaders

Ask Spike Da Dragon

Ask Woonastuck

Ask Stoned Trixie

Ask Filly Twilight

Ask Stalkerloo

Ask Smarty Belle

Dan vs. Friendship is Magic


There are others I like a lot but they don't update quite often enough to be considered favorites of mine.

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none ;)

I don't care for tumblr ~


Booooo. :(


Um, I used to LOVE Ask Pinkamena, before Trees hit art block with it, but he has a new one called




Other than that, Ask Stalkerloo, Ask Lil' Miss Rarity, Ask Scootaloo The Sadist.


Edit: How did I forget Ask Ispywitch?

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I'm not ashamed to admit that "Ask Molestia" is my favorite! It's very funny! I want a juice box!



Quick edit. I just googled Epic Meal Time, and almost fell out of my chair! I never knew that Epic Cupcake Time was based on sometrhing! Thanks Mister jack!



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