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I keep my pony-love to myself. (Personally...I don't even like the term brony...It doesn't roll off my tongue as nicely)


But the whole community is no secret. In fact, it has been known encourage love&tolerance wherever it goes. And generally, people have become more accepting of it. It's a good show, and really that whole "it's gay" argument died down for the most part (of course there are still morons out there...but that's what makes the interwebs fun!)

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Yeah... you might want to re-word that a bit, but I understand...


I too am a "closet" bisexual Brony! Though slowly more and more people are finding out about my Bronyness, I'd prefer if I could be more open about it to people I know in person!


But alas some people are just not so accepting of bisexuals Bronies and will hate them for their silly reasons! So unfortunately I keep my love secret!

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The world is crazy.


Nnnope, just me. Oh, you said crazy... not sure how I mistook that for insane, but whatever.


Meh, the only reaction I ever get at work is "You're not normal," or "You must be gay," or something along those lines. They forget, I know where the Electronics DVD player is, and where the MLP DVDs are at, I could instantly make our store 20% cooler!


My family might not know yet.. or maybe, I did buy one of those grab bags and got Roseluck out of it, and now she's happily standing next to the 3 Starter Pokemon, Tails, and a Shinx with a big head on my monitor's base. I'm not bothered by what people say, I do what I want!

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