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Where does your educational background lie?


Educatioal backgrounds  

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  1. 1. Where does your education lye?

    • Home schooled
    • Public schooled
    • Private schooled
    • Online classes
    • College
    • Other means of education and or schooling

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I went to public school up until 6th grade (and I was there for like two weeks) and then for the rest of the time of my schooling I was homeschooled. Personally I hated public school and preferred being homeschooled, not everyone will feel that way but that was how I felt about it.

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Public schooling. I am currently unemployed and not in college. I am very iffy about college, but maybe if the world clears up and if the economic situation in my country changes, I'll change my view on it. I was in online school from 2020 all the way until I graduated High School. Never saw the people I went to school with again afterward. 

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I attended public school through 8th grade, after which my parents removed me from it so I could get an actual education. I retained very little from my so-called ‘formal education’ because you can’t force-feed a brain and hope it’ll retain anything. Temporary memorization does not equate to learning, understanding or wisdom; that has to come from personal seeking and introspection about not only the ‘what’ but the ‘why’ of things, and preferably unspoiled by outside indoctrination, peer pressure and abuse.

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I feel even more glad I went through only public schools now. My mom recently revealed to me that she almost put me in a private Christian school. A more liberal one, so they probably teach actual real history and science unlike the private Christian schools one usually thinks about, but it's a scary thought nevertheless. The sense of dread I felt as I was coming to terms that I wasn't straight as a teen would have been multiplied in a Christian school, because this was back in the 2000s, and it was far less accepted even in a public school. Plus, I hated church as a kid. It was as dull as watching paint dry. My mom made the right choice by keeping me in public school.

I've now also been through community college and university - different from my early post in this topic - have a Bachelor's Degree now! =D (I said I thought I would return to college in that post back then, but that was a bit dishonest. I didn't honestly think I would, I just didn't want to admit it).

Current situation is that I want to go to grad school, but I'm feeling a bit discouraged. I'm anxious about the whole grad school thing. It'd be sad for me to turn tail at this point after all I've been through to get to this point.

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Graduated from High School in 2011, got an associates degree in science with an emphasis on Environmental Science from Lincoln Land Community College in Springfield, IL in 2014, and achieved a bachelors degree in science (geography) with minors in Broadcasting, weather and climate, and history in 2019 from Western Illinois University in Macomb, IL.

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Like most people I got my primary and high school parts done. Afterwards I started pursuing education further earning myself engineer and master (or "magister" in polish, which I actually prefer) titles c: 

But to be honest my current work shows how studies don't prepare for what's to come, at least not in Poland. Not completely, at least. I still need to learn a lot on my own, as cold theory doesn't work outside books. Human element always inevitably brings chaos and even the most efficient system can break if just one person decides to get too creative, where such behaviour should not take place (and I do dress what I mean in pretty words here). 

But that doesn't mean education like that is unnecesarry. In fact, while I cannot agree with all I was taught - that knowledge is still a tool that helps me a lot with handling some things + my mindset was changed significantly by studies. I believe that without studying many things I did in my life would've never happened. 

2 hours ago, Diane Velvet said:

I honestly don't know I used to go to a special school because of my autism it was a total flop I eventually went to college and it flopped too I basicly have no education it makes me feel stupid most of the time but i'm getting over it now...

My dad only finished primary school in Poland, he never had high school education. His grades were... not outstanding. For almost 20 years he runs a successful business. 

Education is important and handy tool, but with right drive we can get high without it ;) 

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Definitely an interesting one to track in my case. Let's see...


Lutheran private school through 8th grade (so essentially all of elementary and middle school).


Public high school for general studies.


American Studies BA at my undergrad and Public History MA at my grad program. Currently applying to get into U of M's ARC program, which is an accelerated teaching certification program (would avoid it if I could but this is the quickest way into teaching certification and getting into the classroom as a fulltime teacher in my state).


I'm certainly not of the opinion that my schooling makes me better than anyone else. I've seen enough to know that there are a few things in particular I think any education should ideally achieve: (1) lay a firm foundation for people to be capable and soundly intelligent critical thinkers, (2) make them more comfortable with learning about who they are and what they want to do and what paths they need to take to do it, though I should emphasize you are NOT a failure if you don't have this all figured out at the age of 18, and (3) instill a love of learning in people. I don't care if people don't want to spend their lives learning the same thing, I just think it's a beautiful thing when people don't lose a desire and passion to continue learning new things for the rest of their lives, just for its own sake.

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I was educated in both private and public schools. The first was miltary, the second was a public establishment, and the third was a religious school. My performance was generally poor due to ADHD. Often failing assigments and then having to take exams for each subject in summer, or repeat the whole year. I applied myself to pass, but the next year it was the same all over again.

Much like the rest of my family, I had problems concentrating in school. I was constantly becoming self-absorbed or dissociated, and some teachers hated me for it. The latest generation of this family has squandered their education in general.

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