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Do you find yourself humorous?



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  1. 1. Do you see yourself as a funny person?

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I try to make people laugh since I'm generally in a very good mood and I don't like when everyone is super serious, but it doesn't really work that well. I've noticed that people don't really know when I'm joking because I generally speak in a kind of monotonous, calm tone. This usually leads to situations where I try to be funny and the other person just nervously laughs. 


People have also said that my face makes it look like I'm permanently angry unless I actively try to look happy. But then it just feels forced.

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most of the time im funny but there is always my 1 friend that doesnt laugh but expects me to laugh at his jokes when no one eles is laughing but most people laugh at my jokes

In my mind, I'm one hilarious bastard. In reality, my humor mostly has to do with observational stuff and down right morbid jokes. Like here's a good for example: So this guy was mouthing off to me about some rude joke I mad, right? After a few minutes I got tired of it and chopped off his middle finger. He asked "What'd you do that for?" I just held the finger up at him and told him to shut up. See? I find that hilarious. Everyone else is looking at me funny...

ya thats kinda how i am
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Yeah, I've been told I'm a funny guy.  And I'd like to think that I have a sense of humor too.  :) 


But for all the times I try to be funny and fail, I'm unintentionally funny on just as many occasions.  What's up with that?  :huh:

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I love witty and dry humor, but I personally don't tell many jokes, except puns. I'm a compulsive punner. I really like them, yet I suppose that most of my friends consider them a pun-ishment.

Goddamn it Barb!


Nah. I usually have dry humor, references, and puns. Not as good as this guy^

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I think I'm a somewhat person. Most of my jokes are with myself, and do I ever rarely share it with others, mainly because no one else shares my sense of humor :)


My best jokes are:

* Thou shall honor thy neighbor… unless that neighbor is Ohio. (Michigan fans will understand)

* Thank Jesus for the seasons, and f**k Mother Nature for ruining them.


I have other great ones, but no one here would get them.

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I guess I would. I enjoy making people laugh. And I am in a comedy group of 4. We call ourselves "Fruit of Passion," but we ain't no big stuff. We would like to someday I guess. We shall see. But does that count for something?

Now Please enjoy my attached thumbnail:


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Oh, yes, very much so. People have told me I should be a stand-up comedian and I somewhat agree.


Which is terrible because I always think that my public speaking skills are way more adequate than they actually are.


Also I tell puns.


In seriousness, though, I like to connect to people through humor and I really can make people laugh. When I'm witty, I feel like I'm on top of the world and just really cool, although the latter may have to do with the polar climate found on top of the world.

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