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  1. Nice drawing! I happen to like the pointy muzzles, it's a nice style choice! The one thing that looks a bit odd is the wings. The base of the wing looks a bit strange, with that odd shaped feather. The bone structure also wouldn't be that defined, because it's mostly covered by feathers, unless you were going for bat wings or something. I would recommend looking up bird wings or MLP pegasi for references
  2. Lol, totally didn't expect that. I saw your other threads and those drawings are amazing and hilarious. Kudos to you. Haven't had a good laugh at a drawing in awhile
  3. Very creative! Haven't really seen ponies made with these before. You got everything looking pretty good. Good on you for finding a way to make great art without drawing!
  4. It looks great! One thing that sticks out is her horn (literally). Horns come out perpendicular to the head, not straight forwards. The muzzle could also use a little work, but even I still struggle with front angled faces, so it's nothing big.
  5. This looks amazing! If you hadn't said anything, I never would have guessed that this was your first try. I only see a few small things that could use improvement. Her body seems a little long, and her hind legs seem a little short and thin. Her head also looks a tiny bit tall, but that might just be me. Looking forward to more drawings from you!
  6. These are some pretty good drawings! One thing I would recommend is to make hooves a bit wider at the base and thinner at the top. Like, the front left hoof on Twilight looks fine, but her back legs look a bit flat.
  7. I'm amazed at how much of an improvement you've gone through with your drawings! I made a really quick progress guide on my latest drawing for someone on the forums. It's not very good, but it's partly because I draw fast with minimal sketching. I skip out on more detailed sketching because I have a generally good idea on what goes where on a pony. However, when I first started, sketching took more time than lineart, because I sketched out every part and detail. It looked messy, but it made the lineart so much easier to draw. There's also some tricks to shading on SAI. If you need any more help just ask! I use Paint Tool SAI, but it should be similar to how gimp works.
  8. Huh, I thought that you've already done digital drawings before. Anyways, tablets are great for drawing. SAI has a great tablet stabilizer for varying degrees of stability. Sketching digitally is also much easier with a tablet. Great for a first tablet drawing! Keep on doing it and it'll become more natural.
  9. Very nice! Is this your first drawing? It looks very good. The background is quite colorful. It goes with the paint style you have going on there. I would suggest using the airbrush tool at a bigger size for clouds, though. I don't see anything wrong with your OC. She almost looks like she was cut out of paper. I really like your style! I'd like to see any other art you've done.
  10. Wow, I was really surprised when I saw that this was drawn by you! I really like the no outline style, along with the mix of light colors and the transition to darker colors.
  11. MLP style isn't very nice to individual hairs, unless you do a lot of them to make it look solid. The way MLP does hair, and facial hair, is to do the basic outline of the hair and just fill it in with a solid color. You need to give hair some volume, and color, since hair doesn't normally get spread out enough to see empty space near the head. I would suggest looking at ponies with facial hair and just figuring out how to change it a bit to work with your drawing. Best of luck to you!
  12. I would highly encourage trying out new styles every once in awhile. It's good to break away and go outside comfort zones every once in awhile. Update: I've colored and shaded the sketches. I tried to mix in blurred shading for rounded edges and hard shading for sharp shadows. I still really need to work on shading, but I'll get it with enough practice.
  13. Yeah, I thought they looked odd. I'll keep that in mind! I kind of just threw the fur on last minute because I thought it would look a little better.
  14. Thanks! I'll color them in sometime. Glad someone likes the style. I'll draw some more when I get inspiration to draw something.
  15. Hey everyone! These are quick sketches that I made for a few reasons. One: to draw without a sketch layer. I usually draw with circles and lines for skeletons. These were done without a sketch and all done on one layer. Two: Trying more natural expressions. Three: Get rid of the Yoshi-sized noses that my previous drawings had. Four: Fuzz. I wanted to try drawing tufts of fur on my ponies but they didn't look good with how round my ponies were before. I REALLY like how they look now. Any critiques and opinions are appreciated!