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  1. That's different. That's about death, not old age specifically. Dexter's Lab or Ed, Edd n Eddy never really dealt with death either. They however did tackle the theme of growing up and getting old. I see no reason MLP couldn't do that too.
  2. So you mean to say Dexter's and Ed, Edd n Eddy can do that but it's too mature for MLP? Come on man, that's just absurd. Last time I checked all the shows mentioned are G rated. And MLP is intended for families not just little girls.
  3. I wouldn't dare try hammering nails in their marshmallow feet.
  4. Plenty of kids shows have done this... Ed, Edd n Eddy, Teen Titans and Dexter's Lab come to mind.
  5. There's already too much Rainbow Dash in this thread but I find this picture pretty funny because of the expressions on all their faces.
  6. Why are you comparing brony conventions to games done quick?
  7. Yeah don't bother trying do draw with your finger. You can get relatively cheap tablets that work pretty well that also include a pen. I use this one: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/like/121815898371?limghlpsr=true&hlpv=2&ops=true&viphx=1&hlpht=true&lpid=107&chn=ps Here's a pcture I did on my tablet:
  8. Twilight is so godamn powerful she can move the sun.
  9. Uh, yeah. I have aspergers. It feels like someone is holding a sword to your throat, so you're scared to really say or do anything. You don't want to let your real thoughts out because you don't want to risk embarrassment.
  10. Sequel series. They risk losing carry over fans with a reboot. And I'd hate to see the animation style go. I want a time skip with a different cast. Maybe have one or two of the mane 6 (now middle aged to elderly) as supporting characters.
  11. Street Fighter V sucks. But I play it anyway.
  12. I wonder if manipulating ponies against their will with magic is considered bad. Twilight casually cast a spell on a doll that made everyone obsessed with it and just sort of handed a book detailing how to create love potions to the CMC.
  13. I haven't really noticed any major continuity errors.
  14. See, you're always saying there's something wrong with society, but maybe there's something wrong with you.

  15. This was a fine episode. Pie sisters and Rarity were really enjoyable and the episode got a lot of laughs from me. Sometimes thats all an episode needs.
  16. My OC tends to boasts about her strengths to compensate for her shortcomings.
  17. It's a neat idea. Can have Twilight kidnapped and the her friends have to rescue her. The bad guys would have some tool or charm that negates magic.
  18. I don't usually like pooping on other people's OCs, but a few things are a no no for me when making original characters: Unappealing Colour Design - Using colours that don't mesh well together, using harsh colours like deep red. MLP characters typically have colour palettes that work well together, and of lighter tone. A good rule of hoof is NEVER use black or red, and if you have to, use dark grey instead of black and a lighter tone of red... 0 Hue full saturation red looks awful. Mary Sue - Really talented, No flaws, extraordinarily nice, everyone wants to be her boyfriend/girlfriend, e
  19. Applejack is headstrong, responsible and dependable. Fluttershy is kind, compassionate and affectionate. Put the two together and you make a very good parent, I agree, not that either on their own wouldn't be great. Lol... She does. You make a good argument for Rainbow Dash. She's definitely good with children. She's matured over the seasons. I don't necessarily agree with your second point. I think all of them would make good mothers, but some one could be better at raising a child than the others. Also, added a poll.
  20. Yes, and I always see her as the mother figure in the Mane 6.
  21. The season 6 premiere got me thinking about this. When Shining Armour talks about how stressful it can be being a father, Fluttershy replied "I could only imagine what it's like". And I instantly thought Fluttershy would make a great mother, she's nurturing, compassionate and gentle with her animals, so I'd assume she'd be the same with a baby. However she might struggle with setting boundaries or disciplining the child, given her tendency to shy away from conflict, or she might even spoil the baby and ignore bad behaviour. At worst, her child might act like Angel Bunny in "Putting Your Hoof D
  22. No, but I didn't like when an episode in season 5 killed my ship of Fluttershy and Big Mac, but I was ok when Big Mac got paired with Marble Pie later... Because Marble Pie is Fluttershy Lite and just as cute.
  23. FlutterMac shippers unite!

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