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  1. I live in a small town in Northern LP of rural Michigan. I love it here. So peaceful and quiet compared to the hustle and bustle of the southern part of the state.
  2. gaming

    Probably not. The last console I bought was the Xbox 360 and that was ages ago. I have fully transitioned to PC Gaming.
  3. I live in North America in the bueatiful state of Michigan. Like Steiner however if I had to move I would like to live in Montana. It's a breath taking state.
  4. This is a difficult one because i love both drinks. I would have to say coffee though. A good cup of hot, black coffee is very relaxing for me. Currently the best coffee that i drink on the regular would be the keurig great value brand of donut shop coffee and McDonalds Coffee.
  5. I have a Galaxy Note 4 and i absolutely love the thing but honestly i could live with a 10 year old phone with eternal battery life. Right now however i have outfitted my Note 4 with a 10000Mah aftermarket battery so i guess in terms of smartphone battery life its practically eternal since i can get about 3 days give or take out of a single charge.
  6. I am in the middle with a bit more emphasis on the left.
  7. General

    At this stage in my life i don't even know what i want. Currently i don't plan to get married for sometime. Heck i might not get married at all. Going to depend on alot of factors before i decide to pursue such a life changing commitment.
  8. Praise The Glorious Republic of Kekistan!
  9. I hear Trotteur Funeste is the president of Kekistan.
  10. Mega Thread

  11. Post

    Dark stone washed jeans with a red south pole tee-shirt.
  12. I used to be a Christian when i was a lot younger but since i was so young i didn't know any better and just blindly followed what my family did. When i hit my early teens i had moved away from religion and became agnostic. At this point in time in my late teens i am a full on Atheist.
  13. The movie IT freaked me out as a kid. Terrified me of the bathroom. Also anaconda did a number on me aswell. I was scared that it was going to come find and kill me.
  14. Jailed for being so adorable that you are a leading cause of heart failure.