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  1. Technology

    I think as a whole gaming laptops are just a terrible waste of money. Extremely over priced and no longevity. I personally would get a good $600 - 700 laptop for on the go if you like to do some light gaming along with browsing the web and watching videos and then take the extra money and build a fantastic gaming desktop. Desktop gaming is a far more enjoyable experience and easier to maintain not to mention economical.
  2. @Lady Kiriness pretty much summed up exactly what i was going to say. She derives satisfaction from the same things i do. I feel like i am on top of the world when i make an academic or career related progression not to mention that when i overcome obstacles it really surges confidence in my self. What Lady Kiriness said 100x YES!
  3. I have a feeling when i am that old i will still watch the show for Nostalgia and re-read the masterpieces on FimFiction assuming FimFiction is even still a thing 50 years from now.
  4. I can see myself enjoying Gen 4 of MLP in my later years of life just like i enjoy it now. I don't have too many regrets regarding my time spent in the fandom. The only thing i do regret is how cringy i was when i first got into it years ago but since that time i have matured a tremendous amount and i see this show and its fandom as nothing more than a passively enjoyable experience. I bear no burden admitting i enjoy my time here and i will continue to do so. The show is fun and interesting and provides a healthy means of relieving stress and anxiety and this forum has a lot of good people on it that are fun to talk to. There is no shame in any of that.
  5. A bit bleak and dreary. Looks like it might rain.
  6. Is there any reason why you need a laptop with such insanely powerful specs? Are you on the move alot and just want an all in one gaming beast aswell as a means to do school work or do you just want the luxury of an extremely expensive piece of hardware?
  7. Technology

    I have a modest but modern build. CPU - i5 6600 MoBo - Gigabyte z170 RAM - 16GB DDR4 @ 2133 GPU - Gigabyte RX 480 8GB HDD - Western Digital Black 2TB PSU - Corsair RM650X Monitor - Asus 27in 1080p 60hz IPS
  8. Mega Thread

    He is supposed to be male XD.
  9. Mega Thread

  10. Honestly i would have to say financial instability and debt.
  11. Eating at Arby's with my father.
  12. I like the Soviet national anthem and the in Soviet Russia jokes. Their national anthem is kick ass. The Soviet Anthem and American Anthem is my top all time favorites.