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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

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    Pinkie Pie
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    Pinkie Pie
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    Starlight Glimmer
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    Idk too many :)
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    Smile song,better way to be bad, a changeling can change and many more
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  1. I also liked villain Starlight, but my favourite is Cozy Glow, because she is an amazing villain, she is the smartest and most manipulative.She is so evil,and she is so adorable at the same time.
  2. Well I agree, I think Pinkie is cuter than Fluttershy 😂😂
  3. Pinkie Pie in a friend in deed,yes she was annoying Cranky a lot and wasn't giving him privacy,but in that episode, I realized how much she loves to make everypony smile
  4. Well generally, the best friend would be Twilight because I think , after all the lessons she has learned she seems like the perfect friend,but the best friend for me would be Pinkie Pie !
  5. I think when I first watched the show ky favourite was Twilight, then Applejack, then Rainbow, then Pinkie and then she was my favourite up to season 9
  6. I believe they do, but we dont see it
  7. In the episode The times they are a changeling, he was amazing.He befriended a changeling when everyone else was scared of them.
  8. I think Equestria is a country.The country where ponies live is Equestria for example, and Yakyakistan is another country
  9. I didn't like the end in friend, because I would expect , even though we hadn't seen much of them together, Rarity and Rainbow Dash to be way closer.
  10. I have so so so many faviurite mlp songs but I think if I had to pick one it would be smile song
  11. Well Im rewatching now, but honestly I skip some episodes that I know I dont like 😂
  12. ILoveMLP206

    Hey there everypony

    You all are so nice thanks everypony
  13. Ummm I'm not sure what to write , but I would love to make some friends here, who share my love for mlp
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