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If your plane was about to crash, who would you want sitting next to you?


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You see, I have a few options here:

1. Someone I love, which would probably be that one amazing friend or my older brother or a beautiful singer, so that I can die being near them

2. My favorite stuffed animal(s), so I can die with them and therefore die with a friend that cannot be killed

3. Someone I hate so they can die (not that I can think of anyone I hate, really)

4. Someone powerful enough that they can get us out of there - like Twilight Sparkle, or a Mary Sue, or (this time I’m going to think of something original) godtiered John Egbert

I don’t want to die with someone I love, so for real life I’d have to do my favorite stuffed animal and for fiction I would definitely go with godtier Equius Zahhak. He’s STRONG so he could fly us out


I really overdid my answer, didn’t I

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I'm assuming this only involves real life, so my answer is simple. No one. 

Why would I want to subject someone to the same ordeal that I will suffer? Would I be scared and want my family there? Sure. But it's fair for me to try and drag them into a situation they aren't a part of. I would be happy to make peace with myself if I could before the plane crashes. That's more than anyone can ask for. :mlp_smug:

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Yea, this is where everyone would actually start panicking and running around screaming. Plane is definitely heading straight down. This is where I am calm, sitting in my chair and start singing out loudly "Georges Bizet - Carmen: Les Toreadors". And you know when the plane hits the ground on that one:

If you are going out, go out in style! :ithastolookpretty:

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I would prefer no one. I wouldn't like my cat to be next to me because i don't think they would allow pets on the passenger's seat and I wouldn't like her to either die with me or find out later that I will not come back home.

... oh wait this was a fun non serious question. Uh... Dr. Strage for some reason. He's handsome

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