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What 3 items would it take to summon you?

Hocus Pocus

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Being interrupted out of the blue just to do someones bidding

would be kinda annoying. Although I wouldn't mind coming if they had these 3 items:


1.A few usb thumb drives (at least 8gb)


2.BuckyBall Magnets


3.10 boxes of Twinkies


The reason they would be summoning me is

to help them study the human race. This

is another universe we're talking about after all.

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Thing 1: Your Cash, Credit, or Debit Card

Thing 2: Pancakes

Thing 3: 50 cal


To summon me the Pancakes must be blueberry and have the Syrup of the Gods on it (glhf)


first you must draw a triangle and set the pancakes in the middle, once you pour the Syrup of the God's on the Pancakes I will arrive, In order for me to stay longer I must be given the 50 cal and the Money.


Once I am given specified items as payment I will use the butt end of the gun as a club and knock you out, then take the pancakes and bill your card.

Thanks for summoning your saviour, DJ Senpai.


Do you see where im coming from here

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1. Draw a circular symbol with a triangle inside it on the ground with chalk shreds.

2. Put a large speaker on each corner of the triangle

3. Play a hardcore dubstep


And then, I will spawn right in the middle of the symbol.

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A movie or book who's story is very idealistic (Daring Do, the Lord of the Rings, Pacific Rim, Power Ponies etc.), some kind of religious item such as a pendent, prayer beads, or a totem, and a can of coca cola.


. . . . What? It's my only vice.  :mustache:  


They would probably summon me for obscure lore or to seek my opinion on a matter. I can claim this with an air of certainty because that's exactly what my brother calls me for, it's either 90's animation arcana or what I think about something in video game story and philosophy.

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-A bottle of spirits (preferably whiskey or vodka)

-An electric guitar

-A straightjacket.


One item for each of my main personalities. They must be arranged in a triangle on the ground; and the way they are arranged determines which personality will be the dominant one for the duration of the summoning.

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A PS4 console installed with a bunch of games

A box


A gaming PC




Summon me if you want a Possessed Box to play Video games with yee

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  1. Julian Casablancas' hair feather [Phrazes era]
  2. Tadashi's Hat
  3. Lola Lovesu [a fursuit of them would do]

The ponies must be arguing on who's best pony again >>

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-Sword of Greyskull

-Assassin's creed outfit

-This song playing in the background




Then their you go and help you kill a dragon or sell cotton candy. 

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I do not like the idea of compulsions. 


If it were ponies and only ponies and they needed me for something, then it wouldn't need to be under your rules.  They could call me willingly, but I wouldn't necessarily obey ANY order, and I wouldn't necessarily willingly leave.

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