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If you could serve one villain, which one would you choose?

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Starlight Glimmer, she has a cute hairstyle.

Nightmare Moon just needed a "Feel Better Hug" in all honesty. I would choose to serve Nightmare Moon in order to hopefully provide that hug. 

Cozy glow. I would like to understand her motives, and help her heal.

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Discord, because he's the only MLP villain who would regulate their control of me. Admittedly, only because Fluttershy wouldn't let him do anything harmful to me, but it's still better than being l4z0r-magicked by Tirek or Chrysalis just because I'm a useless expendable human who literally can't make a half-decent latte to save my life. :(

I've heard villains get pretty touchy about the quality of their lattes.

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Mane-iac, I'm more toward the comic-related villain


   Ooh! Almost forgot about her! If the question is bent more towards the show, I have to give my vote to her! Gotta love a villainess with style, grace & panache! Did you see how she dramatically lazed upon her lazer death cannon? That's showsmareship there! Her diabolical cackle is positively angelic! Wonder if she needs a Harley Quinn to her Joker?

  That, and she does have some impressive hair! Got to love a girl with long tentac-HAIR!   I MEAN HAIR!!    ...That IS hair, right?...

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Starlight Glimmer, because I like her so much. :kindness: She also wasn't trying to intentionally harm anyone, even if what she did was wrong. I want to just hug her.


YES I like her too! she deserves that hug xD poor misunderstood baby

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Of the "reformed" villains...Discord would be the first choice, because chaos is simply too much fun.
Second would be Starlight, that mare is too adorable even when evil that i can't dislike her ever.

Of the non-reformed: there's Sombra, who i like for his evilness, Chrysalis isn't much better, Tirek just seem to want to destroy things, other are just minor villains...guess i'll stick with Sombra then.
atleast he just wants the crystal empire, or so it seems.

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For one, queen chrysalis. Not only because changelings are disgusting sick and twisted buck beings who are prolly really seual, but also because belonging to a hive or an army, a kingdom, might just be what i'd like. Having my place, being part of something bigger.

Then again, Discord is really my kind of personality. I'm at least a bit as crazy as he is and it would be great serving him and doing stuff with him alongside him. Would be a really personal bond i guess.


So yeah, Chrystalis is good, but i'd rather choose Discord.

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I'd go with Nightmare Moon. I never really thought of her as being the badguy she was made out to be. She just got a bad rap. I can understand her motives in feeling her nighttime was underappreciated and let's face it, she's a cool villain. As Luna, she's even a cool non-villain. :orly:

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