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Favorite music genre?


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Classic rock, regular rock, heavy metal, video game OST, anything super emotional or sad, and instrumental covers (especially if they are rock/metal covers!). I also like a bit of vocaloid since it’s fun sometimes to listen to music without really knowing what the words mean.

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I'll listen to anything, but on a given day, it's one or more of:


Deep House/Chillstep







Southern Gospel








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My favourite music genres are rock, metal, country, alternative, punk, some pop, some  k-pop and emo.


There’s one genre that I hate and that’s hip hop/rap, I tried to get into it and failed.

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Oh god: Classic rock, metal, power metal, folk metal, grunge, alternative, blues/southern rock, Ska, Ska punk, hard-core punk, reggae, Johnny Cash (pretty much the only country artist I like, Irish Punk rock, shoegaze, ambient house and more.

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Rock, just like... almost everyone in this thread. :blink: 

More specifically, classic rock. Which I consider as being from the 60's and 70's, anything after that period is NOT classic rock no matter how much these stations skew the definition (seriously, grunge is classic rock? :huh:). I've also enjoyed more 80's metal and 90's alternative, so I guess latter half 20th century music in general.

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