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Share some poetry. Pretty simple.

This can be a quote, a link to a poem, or even something entirely original ¦D


"Deep into that darkness I stood peering — Long I stood there

Wondering, fearing, doubting,

Dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before"

                                                   ~ Edgar Allan Poe, The Raven


Best. Line. Ever. ¦)


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O my Luve is like a red, red rose 

   That’s newly sprung in June; 

O my Luve is like the melody 

   That’s sweetly played in tune. 


So fair art thou, my bonnie lass, 

   So deep in luve am I; 

And I will luve thee still, my dear, 

   Till a’ the seas gang dry. 


Till a’ the seas gang dry, my dear, 

   And the rocks melt wi’ the sun; 

I will love thee still, my dear, 

   While the sands o’ life shall run. 


And fare thee weel, my only luve! 

   And fare thee weel awhile! 

And I will come again, my luve, 

   Though it were ten thousand mile.


My love is like a red, red rose by Robert Burns

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9 hours ago, King of Canterlot said:

Oh, Oh! Now I don't have any poetry, however I think @Rhythm Red could enlighten us all with his poetry! (Seriously, he's pretty good at coming up with poetry from off the top of his head) :yay: 

I must express my appreciation 

For your kind reccomendation

It’s true, I write silly rhymes

And I like to do it all the time!

Every night I make a poem

All my followers seem to know ‘em

But there’s nowhere else to put them, I fear,

I guess I could always post some here! :D 

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"Gardeners Duet That didn't go as planned,,,"

A garden full of weeds is a garden in need,

But a garden full of weed is a person in need,

Of what exactly?

Of making better life choices.

How about we try to be the positive voices.?

I'm just trying to teach a lesson dear.

But that's not why I brought you here.

I'm rhyming aren't I?

Yeah but we're supposed to talk veggies and such.

Well sorry friend, I don't care for that much.

What is it you would prefer instead?

How to get rid of all the crackheads!

What crackheads?

The ones hobbling about in the street.

Something tells me your solution isn't very upbeat.

Lock them up in a pitch black cell!

How about not giving them hell?

What would you suggest?

Emphasize safety and provide treatment.

They don't deserve that, they're too indecent.

A little kindness can go far.

So can they in a stolen car.

This sounds personal.

You bet it is!

How about a topic friendlier to kids?

How about we end this altogether.

Can't we at least talk about the weather?


Well thanks a lot, you've ruined my poem.

That's too bad, I'm walking home.


Another poem by



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There once was a man with a crummy life

he always carried a knife

he came home late one night to find a man in bed with his wife

Now in his cell he wishes he'd not gotten into that fight

(gotta love a good limerick)

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The sun has set, the weekend has passed,

and now it seems that at long last

I find myself with little to do

than sit and write a poem for you.


My style is hardly unique or new,

and it’s something anyone can do

if they just sit and take the time

to craft a jaunty little rhyme.


I write a bit, I pause to drink,

and while I do, I stop and think

before I write out the next line,

hoping it turns out mighty fine.

Should I do four lines, or maybe more?

It’s not like anyone’s keeping score.


Anyway, I believe it’s time

to put and end to this little rhyme.

I hope perhaps I made you smile,

or maybe for a little while

distracted you from your routine

and instilled in you a happy scene

of grasses green and flowers red,

before you wander off to bed

and prepare to face another day

that might turn out to be complete hell,

but whatever happens, I wish you well.


 - an original poem by me

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I scrape the sand that's running out, slipping away
Dripping now through this weary hands
Vanishing into thin air
All I ask is one more day to redeem it all
Then gladly I will pass and welcome the silent world

And here's another one:

I hear the unsaid thoughts
The silence through the storm
I speak without the words
With unbound soul
I'll bring forth the sun
And hand over the moon
I'll hide the evening stars
And fold them in your heart

I have touched the longing
Breathed the wistful air
If I wish, I will turn the winters to spring
Through the dust and fear
I find the faintest light
And I can see life
A midst the death that wreaths us all


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A mood is such a funny thing,

especially the way they tend to swing.

There is no real hard or fast rule

to feeling down or being cool

that I can tell. What worries me most

is the fickle emotions my brain can host,

and turn them on or off as quick

as giving a light switch a simple flick.

I never know why, I never know when,

I can only sit and wait, and then

my mood goes from bad to worse

which makes me cry, or makes me curse

the very brain inside my head

that makes me wish that I was dead,

or makes me feel that in the end

I truly have no one to call a friend.

I struggle with this every day,

and it only makes me want to say

“Enough! I’ve no time to play

this foolish game, now go away

and let me think of happier times,

like lazy days or hearing the chimes

of the ice cream truck when it arrives,

or let me be the one that strives

to be happy and care-free,

instead of the way I seem to be.”

Now, I reach the end of my screed,

and if you took the time to read

I sincerely thank you. Now I must go

and fight the demons that plague me so.

-another poem by me, fresh off the brain.

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