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Favorite Pokemon Picker!


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Too many, but to make it easy for myself, Mewtwo, Celebi, and Charmanader are the only three that will always be my favorites no matter how many generation are out there.

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Here’s mine!


Played with it for quite a while! The first four are absolutely spot-on, and the rest kind of measure pretty equally in favorite status!

But yeah, Blaziken and Ninetales. They jockey for top spot regularly! XD 

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HEEEY! THEY HAVE THE NEW GENERATION! Which is great, this gen really upset my favorites list!


I don't decide things well. After about thirty, maybe I would say it gets a little off, but it's quite apt. ... Yes, STUNFISK is on there TWICE. Flatfish is awesome.

You might notice a trend.... I like mah big, doofy bois!!!

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I might of accidentally swapped around a few when swiping my phone a really wish they didn't make it so easy to swap them around lool

Honestly didnt know i liked keldeo that much never thought of him as a fav as much as he has a cool design and it sorta becomes less accurate later on lol 

No charizard either haah even tho I like but not a fav



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