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S09:E09 - Sweet and Smoky

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This thread will have spoilers in it. BEWARE!!!

How was the episode?  

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  1. 1. How was the episode?

    • I accept it for how it is without bullying it (loved it)
    • I can kinda accept it to a respect (liked it)
    • Dunno whether or not to accept it (meh)
    • I can accept it, but my friends didn't, so I don't (disliked it)
    • It's different, and therefore it must be bullied (hated it)

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I did not liek this episode at all. Smolder painfully obivous. Garble's aciton are somehow forgiven jsut because he a poet. which doesn't justify his action by the way! 
Luahgter cause fire breath. Yeah remember when Spike would laugh and cause fire..nope neither do i! They don't know how to take care of htier own young! are you kidding me.

Why are Spike episodes so cursed

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I just re-watched this episode and surprised I didn't notice before, but when Fluttershy turns up after Spike had been trying to cheer Garble up, Spike tells Fluttershy that Smoulder's brother is 'Garble' and Fluttershy reacts to the name.

That got me to thinking... has Fluttershy even met Garble before?

Would Twilight, Rarity and Rainbow Dash describe to Fluttershy the mean dragons by name?

I don't see it happening. Literally unwatchable. Zero stars.

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Yeah, this episode was... pretty bad, and as of now easily the worst episode in Season 9 in my opinion, and also surely one of the worse episodes of the show. The only thing I thought was good was what they did with Fluttershy, and even then she got a little cringy at times. Also, the message, even if it was poorly executed, is a good one. But aside from that, I have a list of gripes:


  • Literally half of this episode is Spike getting bullied by the dragons apparently because that's what dragons do...? At some points it even gets to the realm of torture porn... I'm pretty much sold now on hating the dragons because they're written just to be mean.
  • Parts of the aforementioned reasonlessly cruel, numerous and prolonged bullying sections, and also parts of the B plot were totally unwatchable for me. Like I'm glad I watched this on Dailymotion, because if I couldn't skip some of these parts, I think this episode's review from me will be worse than it will already be.
  • I don't buy Garble's reformation, at all. Even considering it's a tough sell that he could be reformed, this episode's way of doing so was a lot harder to sell.
  • Twilight's lack of resistance to the proposal of them going made me facepalm in real life.
  • The ending in general is not only a hard sell and just totally made no sense. If those dragons would be so callous enough to rob the eggs of the lava they needed to hatch in the first place, how am I supposed to believe they'd be willing to listen to Ember's reason? Also, it was absurdly convenient.
  • Spike was only a little annoying. Only a little...
  • Wasn't this episode supposed to be mainly about Smolder looking after her brother? That got lost pretty quickly...


I give this episode a 4/10. Pretty much on par with the likes of Yakity-Sax and Father Knows Beast from last season. Season 9 at this point for me is on a streak of misses.

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It's definitely better than Kim Beyer-Johnson's previous episode, Non-Compete Clause, that's for sure, and we finally got to see some character development for Garble after being nothing but a one-note bully character the entire time.

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This Episode was just sweet and a great Fluttershy/Spike/Smolder Episode. Also i never thought a story about that one bad red dragon would actually be interesting to me, i was surprised.

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