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first one ever


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And in the year 2010 A.D., God said, "Let there be an actually good MLP show". And He saw that it was good. And behold, the men of the earth beheld this new MLP, and saw it for what it was:




And with glad tidings and great joy, bronydom was born, as the prophet of YouTube Vintagecoats had foretold long ago. B)

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What I meant was how do I Embed youtube videos to a forum topic.


Can't seem to figure it out.



Just post the URL of this link.



He may be the first, but he's not the best! :P


This guy kind of creeped me out.


I thought the first "brony" would have been the guy that made the first thread on /co/ about how awesome the show was


You guys need to respect this man a tad more. He foresaw the coming of a glorious era.

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That's a pretty interesting video. You know, if somebody would've told me 5 years ago that My Little Pony would have a huge fandom full of men in the future, none the less adult, and teenage men, I would've say you were crazy. I would have said you were even crazier for telling me I'd be in the fandom. Then again 5 years ago all I would have had to go off of would be Generations 1 through 3.5, but still.

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The first technical brony probably actually fit the public's opinion of bronies. Using the show as a way to get little girls in other ways than the conventional candy van.


It sounds a bit unnerving to me, but I think it would make sense.

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My thoughts as I saw this thread title, clicked on it, and watched the video:

first brony, yeah sure, I doubt that...  >_>
*reads title of video* huh, I wonder when this was uploaded...  :huh:

"July 26, 2010"  :blink: 
 *watches video*

Yeah, I'd say this is the first brony. I'm sure there were guy fans of the previous generations before him, but if "brony" is referring specifically to G4, this guy is probably actually the first, since he's actually excited and looking forwards to the show, which I'd say qualifies him as a brony. 

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The first brony was a curious boy in the 80's alone in his room channel flipping and stumbling upon G1.

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  • The title was changed to first one ever

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