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gaming How much of your game library have you actually played?

Luna the Great of all the Russias

Unplayed games?  

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  1. 1. How much of your game library have you actually played for a notable amount of time?

    • I have played all of the games I own.
    • I have played most of the games I own.
    • I have played about half of the games I own.
    • I have played a small percentage of the games I own.
  2. 2. Primary platform?

    • PC (Steam, GOG, Origin, etc.)
    • Microsoft consoles
    • Sony consoles
    • Nintendo consoles
  3. 3. How many games do you own?

    • < 10
    • 10 - 20
    • 20 - 50
    • 50 - 75
    • 75 - 100
    • 100 - 250
    • 250 - 500
    • 500 - 750
    • 750 - 1000
    • +1000

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Steams sales. The time when many buy games more because it is on sale than actually having any intention of playing them. In more recent years, I have not spent nearly as much on games because, at this point, I already have most games I have any bit of interest playing

I have close to 300 games on Steam (actually fewer because some games are listed multiple times like "Game:Singleplayer" and "Game:Multiplayer", but leaving that aside for simplicity...). But of those, about 133 games I own have either never been installed or have less than 1 hour of total play time.

How much of the games you own have you actually played?

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I'd say most of the "normal" games. That is, the games I got individually. The exception would be, say, a big NES ROM collection etc, since I wanted a few games, but found the collection and it does not take that much space it does not make sense for me to delete most of it.

Definitely played most of the games I bought on Steam. 

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I've played every game I've bought. I don't buy a lot of games, so I think carefully about the ones I do spend money on and make sure they're games worth buying. I do still end up not liking the game sometimes, in which case it's a waste of money (Overwatch comes to mind. I bought it on sale last year and was really excited to play it, and I ended up not enjoying it at all. Same thing with Dark Souls), but generally I sink at least a hundred hours into games I buy, assuming it's not a story-driven game that doesn't have much re-playability. I think Terraria and Skyrim are my two most played games with at least 500 hours each between every platform I've played them on.

Well, now that I think about it, I'm not sure I have 500 hours in Skyrim. Probably more around 350 - 400.

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Technically, I have played all the games I own, why else would I buy them?  On the other hand, do I actually play them more than ten hours?  A lot of them no.  I might play it for a bit or pick at it here and there but some of them I haven't touched in at least a year.  I only ever play a handful of games on PC, for the Switch I play most of them whenever I feel like playing my switch.

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Actually I made a list of games I got for Nintendo Switch and am more focused on beating the story than 100 completion.

Let me see if I can list them by How Far I got (I won't list NES and SNES games via Nintendo Switch Online as they could be their own lists ):

Games I considered beaten:


Zelda: Breath of the Wild: When I first beat the Final Boss, it was revealed I only did about 13% of the in-game completion rate

Hyrule Warriors Definite Edition: Beat Legend Mode but still haven't unlocked all characters

Super Mario Odyssey: Reached final hidden world but still so many more Power Moons to find

New Super Mario U Deluxe: Rescued Peach (as Toadette even) but still more levels to unlock

Super Mario Maker 2: Beat Story Mode, but still have some jobs left

Super Smash Brothers Ultimate: Adventure Mode Beaten. But only about 85% completion. I plan to also at least beat Classic mode with all fighters

Luigi's Mansion 3: Beat Story Mode with a C Rank of 24810G. I could do better

Nintendo Labo All kits but the Robot one: Made all included Toy Cons and seen all DISCOVER lessons

Ace Attorney Original Trilogy: And to think I beaten the trilogy on WiiWare, DS, and 3DS ports in the past

Batman Telltale Series Season 1 and 2: Beaten both of them. Best game I've ever bought on sale. Currently on my 4th playthrough where I'm mostly silent when possible


Games almost beaten:


Ring Fit Adventure: A world and a half away from beating Adventure mode after 90+ non-consecutive days of workout. I could be done by the end of the week

Zelda: Link's Awakening: Just made to 7th Dungeon

Super Mario Party: Got most of the 5 Gems but I'm stuck trying to get the one rewarded for beating Challenge Road. That darn Tug of War minigame won't even let me skip it and do the other ones. It's Mario Party 1 with injuries that took a few weeks to heal all over again!

Spyro 1 of the Reignited Trilogy: That Nasty Gnarly Gnorc keeps outrunning me. I'm at my wits end.

CLUE and Wheel of Fortune: Both games, I've played several Matches against the computer by this point. No Real Story to play through

Games partway beaten:


Dragon's Lair Trilogy: Honestly, it lives up to its reputation of being freaking hard. To the point that I just use the Watch Game feature and call it a day

1, 2, Switch: A Party Game that's actually more fun with friends in the same room

Mario Kart 8: Didn't get all Gold Trophies on all CCs

Captain Toad's Treasure Trackers: Actually 100% completed back on the Wii U years ago. Now can I do it again on the Switch?

Mario Tennis Aces: Made it as far as Boo Mansion in Adventure Mode but can't get pass the mirror match

Rayman Legends Definite Edition: Made it pass the first major World

Spyro the Dragon Reignited Trilogy Rippo's Rage: Made it through several world's levels

Yoshi's Crafted World: 2 of the 5 Sundream Stone Jewels recovered

Unravel Two: Got through 3 of the 7 major levels

PAC-MAN CHAMPIONSHIP EDITION 2 PLUS: Beat the tutorial levels and cleared the Beginner's level of Adventure mode

Sonic Mania: Stuck on the Flying Battery Boss. Trying to hit that Spider robot into the spikes feels more like luck

Snake Pass: The controls are unorthodox but at least I passed the first Major World

Yooka-Laylee: Made it to the Snowy Level, but honestly not as engaging as Banjo Kazooie Duo were back in the day

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team Deluxe: Just made it out of the barely begun pile

Games barely begun:


BATTLESHIP: Only one Match against the computerand I haven't even started up the game twice.

A Hat in Time: Only made it to the 2nd World

Cuphead: First Level's already difficult!

Goosebumps the Game: Haven't even left the first location

Homo Machina: only made it to Chapter 2 out of who knows how many chapters

LEGO CITY UNDERCOVER: Cleared first car chase, but don't know how to advance the story. I actually made it much further when I had this on Wii U

LEGO Harry Potter: Made it passed the Troll Attack in Year 1, but having trouble advancing.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle: Not even sure if I've finished all the tutorial levels

NAMCO Museum: Only play PAC-MAN and not much of the other included ganes

Pinball FX3: Only played Monster Bash

Pinball Arcade: I think only Family Guy

Sonic Forces: Barely got pass the Custom Hero's first level

Scribblenauts MegaPack: I feel like I can't get pass the first level. Everytime I think the game's saved, it turns out I have to do the first mission again with the pig

Skee-ball: With terrible required motion control, couldn't get a single ball into a hole. In 5 minutes I gave up and deleted it

Surgeon Simulator CPR: played around with the motion controls at title screen but I might give it another chance in the future

TETRIS 99: Played one or two rounds, not a bad game, but not addicting to me

Games bought, but never played (Mostly because I bought them on sale and never got around to them):


Bad Dream Coma

Bad Dream Fever

Bedtimes Blues

Beholder (The opening description seemed interesting on paper, but now I've since had doubts)

Thief Simulator (same as above)

Now that I think about it, why did I even bother buying horror games like the first 3 here. Even at such low prices of a few dollars, I don't think 

Whew, that's a lot of games, wouldn't you say?

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I've played most of my games, but there are still a few that I haven't touched. I blame sales for it, since I usually end up buying on impulse.

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I have a lot of games, yet I've still played most of them. I still have all my PS1, PS2, and PS3 games, all my portable games from the GBA and DS era, I have stuff on both my Switch and PS4, and I've recently warmed up more to digital downloads and have a few games on Steam.  

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