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Your favorite ponies through generation


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Here is my list (I'm gonna update this later if need be):


G1: Firefly





G2: Unsure at the moment.



G3: A tie between Sunny Daze and Minty:






G4: Rainbow Dash




G5: A tie between Zipp and Izzy:




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I really like the older gens :BrightMacContent: my favorites have been:

G1 - Sugarberry. Technically not a character in the actual animations though, so if I had to pick one that was animated, then Wind Whistler!

G2 - Never really watched anything from there, I like Eve though

G3 - Definitely Minty, though I also really like Kimono, Wysteria, and Starcatcher

G4 - Cloudchaser!

G5 - Sugar Moonlight! Though out of the mane cast my favorite is Zipp

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G1: Snuzzle, Star Hopper, Fizzy I think are my real faves, but I also like a million others: Ringlets, Bouquet, Ribbon, Moondancer, Tex, Glory, Gingerbread, Barnacle, Sportstime...it goes on and on

G2: Clever Clover, Light Heart, Dainty Dove, Prince Firefly

G3: Autumn Skye, Moondancer, Velvet Bow, Sunny Daze

G4: Rarity, Pinkie Pie

G5: Izzy, Hitch

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1: Wind Whistler, Morning Glory, and Buttons 

2: Patch, Sweetheart and Clover 

3: I only watched Princess Promenade and was not to impressed but with what little I have to go on Minty, she's cute 

4: Starlight Glimmer, Fluttershy, Applejack 

5: Sunny Starscout and Izzy

Note: there were no ponies throughout that contributed to the mane cast in any of these interpretations that I specifically disliked and I'm pretty fond of all g.4s mane characters and g.5s...

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G1 - Cotton Candy
G2 - Light Heart
G3 - Sparkleworks and Minty ( I can’t pick between the two of them lol)
G 3.5 - Toola-Roola 
G4 - Rarity
G5 - Zipp

On 2021-10-23 at 8:53 AM, ExplosionMare said:

G1- Firefly

G2- Sweetheart

G3- Minty

G3.5- Scootaloo

Newborn Cuties- The credits

G4- Starlight Glimmer

G5- Hitch Trailblazer

So true lol :ButtercupLaugh:

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G1 Galaxy, Gusty, Mimic, Medley, Wind Whistler, and Pegasus Twilight

G2 Ivy, Clever Clover, Bright Bramley

G3 WATERFIRE, Thistle Whistle, Pepperberry, Seaspray.. basically all of them made until the removal of the magnets

G3.5 N/A

G4 APPLEJACK, Sunset Shimmer, Rarity, Apple Bloom, Zecora

G5 Izzy Moonbow

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